Tuesday 8 December 2009


Well, my eyeballs are hanging out and my brain is fried - probably not the best time to blog, but 'wotthehell, archy, wotthehell'.

I have been spending the day with soap. First I unmolded and cut the Turkish Delight soap (layered pink and green, scented with English Rose fragrance oil and lemongrass essential oil) then I wrapped and labelled like a bajillion soaps. Well, OK, about thirty or so. It felt like millions, even though the process was super-speeded up by using sticky labels, and really nice greaseproof paper, instead of what I used to do, which was wrap them in tissue paper and then a cigar band: I like the idea of cigar bands, but I always had problems with spacing/positioning the words so that they appeared in the right place when wrapped round the soap. I branched out into color by using Christmas giftwrap for the festively scented soaps - still easier.

This is what about 30 lbs of soap looks like when it's curing:

Sorry if you thought you were going to get an interesting photo.

I spent quite a lot of time printing my soap recipes, MSDS information, costings etc - at some point next year, I aim to get safety assessed: I need to be able to sell my soap just so I can get some house room back. That is why my brain is fried; I can do figures, but it is not my favorite thing, so once I have found something halfway decent to watch on TV (History Channel, here I come) I shall resume knitting DD's Xmas sweater.

Speaking of DD, I watched the DVD of 'Twilight' with her, and now all the jokes and snipes I have seen online are making way more sense. I wonder if teenage angst is an American thing ? Or maybe I am simply too old to remember it. Or, maybe it's a vampire thing, following on from David Boreanaz, as Angel, the original brooding Vampire with a Soul .....

David Boreanaz

Now, that is an interesting photo. Although I always had a sneaking fondness for Spike. But then, I thought Iago was the only character worth paying attention to in 'Othello'.

Hopefully these pictures of my wrapped and artfully arranged soaps (by me, so not perfect) will also be of interest:

And for those of you who have made it this far ? There is a prize. Correctly identify (title and author) the quote at the beginning of this post, and you could win a free bar of gorgeous, luxurious, handmade cold process soap ... winner will be randomly selected: just post your answer in the comments section.


  1. I can almost smell your soap from here - sniff sniff!

    Loving the David Boreanaz photo - I too like Spike but not so much his English accent 'lawks guvnor'!

    Is the quote from Archy & Mehitabel, by Don Marquis?

    Followed your link from Ravelry if you were wondering!

  2. I see your comments a lot on Imdb.com I admire your respect for David as I am a fan. Thanks for all the updates.

    I can't reply VIA imdb.com so thanks 1

  3. Ooooh, Sara ! You are the first name in the hat :-)

  4. Ohhhh , brain fry....I cant think of the quote but keep thinking of the comic character "Archie" , so not in for the draw , ah well , can almost smell the soap , BEAUTIFUL , it really looks great wrapped up ! I was at some craft fairs during the week (helping a friend on her stall) and your soaps would certainly have sold !


Thanks ! I love comments :-)