Friday 18 December 2009

Snow Day

So the last of the Santa presents had been hidden, and it snowed last night. Christmas feels like it's actually, properly here. About 4 or 5 inches of snow, and today all the schools were closed, the A12 was closed from Ipswich to Colchester, the A14 eastbound was closed, westbound was one lane only, the Orwell Bridge was at a stop - the big trucks couldn't get up the icy slope - and so it went on ....

DD and DS were thrilled, of course, and have spent much of the day outside getting colder and wetter as the day progressed. Now it has clouded over and is snowing again. I am hoping DH will be able to make it back to Felixstowe and then home without too much trouble - at least our car (mumbles 'Volvo station wagon') has some kind of special winter driving gear thing. That makes me sound like a loving, caring wife, but I'm afraid the truth is harsh - I need DH to trickle round Cambridgeshire this weekend to pick up my Christmas present from him - two new kitties. I am more excited and happy about that than my kids are about the snow, which just tells you, doesn't it ?

Today I have wrapped loads more soaps, and have put together everybody's presents, wrapped and boxed them, and put them in the relevant piles for transport: my sister's we will take over on Sunday, since Wisbech is so close, next door even, to Huntingdon. Well, it is on my mental map. DH has 6 siblings, and from last year they operate a kind of secret santa system - myriad and multiple blessings on the head of the person who thought of that - and that box is done and ready to go down to Kent with the SIL who is visiting us on the 28th. I even remembered to get DH a gift or two - fortunately I have an overdraft.

I am so full of seasonal spirit, I am even going to cook dinner. If he is able to get home. If I can't think of anything else I urgently need or want to do in the meantime. If the children behave. If the house is clean and tidy. If hell freezes over. Oh, damn - it has .......

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