Monday 28 December 2009

Festive Report

So we had a fabulous Christmas - since we had been quite planned and organized, everything on the Day itself ran smoothly: the kids had received everything on their Santa lists, plus lots of bonus extras, since they have a million excellent aunties and uncles. Who knew there was that much Ben10 branded merchandise in the world. And I'm glad DH thought of adding safety gear to their requests for a skateboard (Ben10, of course) and roller skates, as they were definitely necessary.

Our neighbors Su and Hannah came over to help us demolish a huge turkey dinner; Su's Christmas pudding was exceptionally good - on Boxing Day I kept telling DH that I could smell brandy really strongly, and where was it coming from since we didn't have any .... he lifted the lid of the tub with the leftover pudding in it, and - voila, the overpowering brandy aroma.

I had been trying to hold off a bit on posting here, since I wanted to put up pictures of my Xmas present, the little black kitten my son imaginatively called 'Inky', and the young tortie rescue cat we called 'Jewel'. However, neither would co-operate with the camera - Inky because he doesn't actually stay still long enough ( he was described to us as 'shy' and 'needing patience' but is in fact a perfectly normal, affectionate livewire of a kitten) and Jewel because she does not come out from behind her various hiding places, and then only very late at night to slink to the food bowl. She indeed requires time and immense gentleness. We got her from Frances at Ilona Cats, a lovely lady who certainly uses all the space she has for the various types of animals she has ended up rescuing, including two horses and a very effective guard goose.

Today one of my SILs visited, bringing MIL with her; we had a lovely day catching up, and popped into town - which was heaving with bargain hunters out for the sales - for some window-shopping, and an obligatory posh coffee. DH cooked dinner, a turkey and ham pie with the most amazing taste, and I shall have some of the sherry trifle later when my stomach has some room.

I have managed to finish three knitted items. Well, kind of finished. DD's Xmas sweater - done, and being worn today. Niece's birthday bolero - done and ready to post in plenty of time. DH's Sweater of Doom - out in a pile ready to go to the dump. I finally gave up. I simply cannot make the alterations work; and unpicking anything that is charcoal grey is almost impossible. The only reason that I'm not burning it ceremonially is because we're in a smoke-free neighborhood. If anyone knows of a shawl-collar men's sweater pattern that goes up to a size 54'' chest ( I did refer to Shrek before now, remember ?) please let me know.

the Sweater of Doom,
one year in the

DD's sweater,
James C.Brett
Bliss Baby DK

in red
Special DK
for my
youngest niece.

I've had good feedback on my soap gifts so far, and my sister is out of hospital and recovering nicely, as is my friend Mimi. I am very well-fed on proper food since DH is on holiday from work. My Dad is happy as Larry, even my brother sounds content. Ish. I don't like to jinx things, but this last week has been good .....


  1. Hi never read your posts before, glad you had a good Christmas. Ours was ok we had a bit of illness through the family but all ok now - touch wood!
    Just to let you know Freya is my new daughther born May 2009 and we are now expecting end of March - must be mad!!!!!Will catch up with you soon have a Happy new year! mil x

  2. wow, Milenka, that was quick - you ARE mad ! LOL


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