Monday 4 January 2010

Surviving the Holidays

Old Year's Night didn't go quite as planned; it started well enough - kids showered and in bed at a decent time, DH and I on the sofa with bubbly, nibbles and some trash TV. I called my father just after midnight, managed to make myself understood enough to leave a message, and then got hold of him anyway to wish him a Happy New Year. Sounds lovely and peaceful, if a little boring and middle-aged, no ?

But no sooner had we switched from watching the London celebrations on BBC1, than DD appeared, on the run to the bathroom. She almost made it, doing her impression of the girl from 'The Exorcist' all over the bathroom floor. Cue the winter stomach bug hitting the family - DD took 3 or so days to get back to sort of normal, DS was over it in 24 hours, and DH came down with it last night, just before he headed out back to work, poor old love. So far, I am unafflicted. DD seems OK now, but I will wait and see til tomorrow, maybe run her to the doctor for a quick checkup. Everything in the house that stayed still has been hoovered and/or bleached - lucky that the kids and kitties are pretty fast-moving when they see the ominous portents of Mum on a mission .....

So, the house now having been de-cluttered over the last few days, and really thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, frees me up to get on with the patchwork cot quilt for my SIL's bump, due in February. I started last night - got the sewing machine out (unused since making DD's nativity play costume last year) and have so far completed two strips of blocks, which gives me a really good idea of how it will look in the end.

Jewel the rescue cat no longer dashes instantly out of a room if someone enters, rather she now slinks away round the edges; sometimes she is even brave enough to stay where she is, as long as no-one comes too close. Inky just creates mayhem in his wake - it's been a long time since we had the nocturnal delights of a scat cat half hour round the foot of the bed, up the walls, down the corridor, down the stairs, round the living room and back up again. No pics of either of them yet, as my camera needs new batteries, which I can't afford.

It was -5C (23F for you furriners out there) last night, and likely to be worse tonight; my mop, stored outside, was frozen this morning; there was ice inside the car at 4 a.m. this morning when DH left. The forecast says heavy snow for us at the end of the week. I refuse to worry about the energy bill - it'll be what it'll be. I run the thermostat for the central heating at 18C (64F) during the day, down to 15C (59F) at night, so I'm hardly being excessive; and although I am totally and completely miserable in the cold, and will complain to anyone at all who will listen, I have found some positive things about winter this year. I don't wish to give too many details, as it's way too much information; suffice it to say, the benefits are to do with becoming a personal slob ....

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