Tuesday 5 January 2010

Bereavement/Grief Spread

A few of my friends have lost loved ones recently, so I thought I would post the spread I designed some years ago, which was created with the aim of helping the grieving process. I designed it sometime during 2001, and it was published in the September 2003 edition of the TABI Ezine.

Please feel free to use it, or link to it, for personal or professional use, but the courtesy of a credit is required if you post it elsewhere on the internet.

I have found that this spread can help the bereaved person to honestly acknowledge negative aspects of the deceased person without showing disrespect or disloyalty, as it also shows their good points. I have found it can be important but difficult for the grieving person to accept that they were as needed, loved or wanted by the deceased as the bereaved person needed, loves or wanted the deceased, hence card 3. Clarifying cards can be laid as desired for more detail. This spread may be used as soon as the querent feels it is appropriate after the death of their loved one, and I also use it for annual memorial readings.

I welcome any feedback or experiences you have when using this spread.

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