Sunday 17 January 2010

Reading for Another Reader

One of the readings I have done recently was in aid of the Haitian earthquake survivors via the Just Giving button on my blog, and it was from a fellow TABI member and professional tarot reader, my friend Chanel.

This is always an interesting situation to be in, when you know that your querent is also a tarot reader. It definitely puts you on your mettle, as you know your reading is going to be read and analyzed in a way that it wouldn't usually be by a 'lay' person. I've been reading tarot professionally (off and on) for around 18 years or so, and I don't suffer at all from self-esteem or confidence issues, as those who know me will attest. But even so, there is an extra frisson when doing such a reading.

I prefer to know as little as possible about the reader-querent, and also not to have a specific question: this I feel tests my abilities far more, as I rely solely on the cards for information, and my intuition to aid with the interpretations. It is quite exciting to fire a shot or two in the dark, so to speak, and then wait to hear if any have hit the target.

Happily, Chanel was well satisfied with her reading, and it made my day to have such glowing feedback from her for it. And my thanks go to her also for her donation to the Red Cross.

If you too would like a 5 card tarot reading, just donate £10 via the button below, and put my name in the comments box .....

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