Monday 16 August 2010

What to Do

Well, last night was odd - DH went to work, and I was on my own. There is a difference when you know the children aren't there at all, compared to them being asleep in bed. Apparently Destructo Boy cried a little because he missed his Mommy, but on the spur of the moment I'd chucked a photo of DH and I together into their bag, and thus soothed, he went to sleep with it. Mini Diva suffered no such pangs of separation, of course.

The patchwork cushion and birthday tarot reading were well received by my SIL, who makes a mean lasagne and an even meaner chocolate/Irish Cream dessert; and I think Ingrid enjoyed blowing out the cobwebs, which is the result of driving at DH's preferred speed. I, on the other hand, have left indelible fingermarks in the armrest - but at least this time I managed to keep my squeaks of protest sub-vocal.

Here is the finished cushion:

In addition, last week I finished another addition to the Xmas gift stash: another Branching Out scarf, but this time in Sirdar Blur in the colorway 'Feather'; knitted on 8mm needles and blocked quite hard to make the most of the laciness of the pattern. I've called this one 'Autumn Leaves':

If you've stayed with me thus far, you must have already noticed my fabulous new header, created for me with much generosity by my friend Mimi: thanks so much, Mimi. I plan to use this on my soap labels and on my tarot readings. It is just what I wanted, something professional yet retaining my signature 'feel'.

You may also have noticed a small addition in my sidebar. I kind of don't want to make a fuss of it in case I lack the cojones to follow through, but at the same time, I kind of want people to know. So you are allowed to notice, but not say anything. How's that for a compromise ?

And since the world is my child-free winkle (nothing so grand for me as an oyster), I am off to acquire some cyber-psychopathic skills by stalking my Ravelry Blog Hub Swap partner ...


  1. Love the new logo and the scarf, not to mention being impressed by your quilting skills :)

  2. Why, thankee :-) I'm chuffed to pieces with the logo :-D

  3. Well, I didn't notice it in the sidebar, nope, and I'm not mentioning it, nosiree, but I am willing you on!


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