Wednesday, 25 August 2010

WIP Wednesday 3

So the meme today is WIP Wednesday, and all I haven't got to show for it is Mini Diva's school cardigan, an old pattern I got from somewhere that is acres of stocking stitch only enlivened by a minor cable on the front side edges. So there's no photo of that seeing as how a) I can't stand the color and b) I'm only on the back, and it's boring to look at.

Instead we will talk about the end of the season: recently we've suffered from very high winds and heavy rain. Apart from having to pick up the tub the green beans are in quite a few times - and they are much the worse for being blown over - it has done for me 'matoes too, even though it was only a cherry tumbler bush, its low profile did not save it:

And while I was out there, I cut back the petunias very harshly: they were blowsy and done, so if they come back with just one more flush, that'll be lovely; but if they die - Gallic shrug - then at least they're tidy deaths. That's them, along with the dead lavender flower stems, lying in the messy heap there ...

I find it just all too melancholy, heart-sinking and weep-making, the turn of the season from summer into autumn: I despise and hate the winter with a vengeance, the short, cold, dark, wet days of perpetually feeling miserably yuk. And of course this year we have had a small, tiny, meagre, grudging summer - all the nicest, hottest sunny days were back in June and a bit of July; and since we had that horrible long winter that just seemed to drag on for ever, you'd think that'd be balanced out by a lovely long hot summer, wouldn't you ? Although I haven't quite given up hope of a summerly redux: an Indian summer ....

So I cheered myself up by posting off my Blog Hub Swap box to its recipient well before the deadline date:

I think they should get it either today or tomorrow ....

You can find a list of other bloggers taking part in WIP Wednesday at Tami's blog, here.


  1. Ooh, how intriguing! All of those titles pique my interest! Hmmm - I thin I should have bought myself some wrapping paper of some description today so that I could feel at least a semi-sense of achievement by wrapping up the few bits that I do have!

  2. So sorry to see your plants/trees take a hard hit from the wind! Awhile back, I thought we were going to lose our orange tree, but were able to save it at the last minute. What a great way to distract yourself, getting together great swap packages!

    Thanks for the link to WIPW. For some reason, your link in the Mr Linky was for last week's post, I'm not sure why. Anyway, I was able to find the new one by clicking your banner. :)

  3. As someone who has spent the last few summers camping out rather a lot (1-3 weekends a month between April and Sept), this summer was pretty darned good afaiac :) There was some rain, but mostly just the odd day and most of the summer was warm and bright with a fair bit of sunshine. As for winter, I loved the chance to play in the snow and have blazing real fires. It has all seemed to go really quickly, summer and winter - not sure this is a good thing tho :S

  4. Ania, you are right - it has really whizzed by; warm and bright ...not here :-( Don't have a fireplace, so no fires for me :-(

  5. Noooo, don't be sad, we might get a bit more hot weather (hmm) and autumn's not so bad! (I do admit last winter was a bit of a challenge :-) ) - your swap packages look amazing though, lucky Swappee!

  6. feels like we've bypassed autumn and gone straight to winter fighting the urge to get trigger happy with the central heating, just when I thought I was getting to grips with my bikini-body all i want to do is binge eat biscuits under the duvet.......


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