Tuesday 3 August 2010

2nd Ravelry Anniversary

August 3rd, 2008 was when I joined the amazing online knit/crochet community that is Ravelry, it having been recommended by my friend Ania. I was just starting to get back into knitting again after a 30-odd year hiatus, as I wanted to knit Mini Diva a cardigan for school, being unable to find anything in that particular odd and unusual shade in the shops.

I've made new friends, found out more about old friends, learned lots of weird and wonderful things not at all related to knitting, discovered at least 3 hand-dyers with fabulous colors: Mimi (and I take all the credit for setting her feet on the path to dyeing addiction), Laura of Abstract Cat, and Joy of The Knitting Goddess; and have wonderfully improved and honed my knitting skills.

I have progressed quite a long way in these two years, from this Orangutan sweater (my first attempt):

Via this:

The first school cardigan in Patons Fab DK :Jade - and you can see the color is quite an eyeful.

And via 54 completed projects, to this, completed today:

A cabled tank top for Destructo Boy, for school, using Stylecraft Special DK in Midnight; the pattern is Sirdar 1912. The downside to his uniform color is that navy is dark, and hard on the eyes when knitting at night by the flickering, dim light of an eco-bulb.

Saving the planet is so inconvenient.


  1. Fab stuff :) But try knitting black chenille in the evenings :S

  2. Does black boucle count ? :-)

  3. You totally should take all the credit, too! Happy Rav anniversary! Just had a look to see when I joined - January 1998 - eek! i joined when I first started knitting and it has been a great resource and a wonderful place to met such lovely friends. xxx


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