Thursday, 29 July 2010

High Fidelity

Romantic and/or marital fidelity, I'm talking about. Fidelity is important to me - although I enjoy flirtation, and for many years it was part of my job; I've sailed a little close to the wind on a couple of occasions, but when it boils down to it, I'm a coquette.

However, things have reached a ridiculous level recently. Today the children were playing at a friend's house for the day; I came back from the hospital to a quiet, peaceful house, and rather than get down to anything useful or productive, I took the luxury of a daytime nap instead.

My dreams were centred around one of my favorite actors, whom I also consider to be super-attractive in spite of his recent weight loss (I do not like small, skinny men):

In my dream this afternoon, I was being invited in a very seductive, enticing, steamingly hot way, to step out of my marriage vows of fidelity. And I refused the invitation.

Not so long ago, my dreams were troubled by the dark handsomeness of this man:

Gorgeous George and I were in a swish hotel bar somewhere, and he was X-rated temptation with suggestions to match.

Again, I declined.

It's come to something when even in your wildest dreams, where of course, there are NO consequences, you still say 'no' because you're married.


  1. Craig and I had this 'understanding' that he would not stand in the way of me having an affair with Heath Ledger should the opportunity ever arise :oP

  2. Yep, DH said he would stand aside when George turned upon the doorstep, but he drew the line at Meatloaf LOL

  3. I love George Clooney - he just gets better with age, doesn't he.

    I'm not a fan of skinny men either V, but Johnny Depp does makes a bell ring for me.

    Leo Di Caprio has always left me utterly cold though.

    Funny men do it for me every time. A man that can make me laugh is already half-way to me removing my socks.

    Ali x

    Ali x

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  5. Deleted for typos :-)
    Not too fussed about Johnny; both Leo and Brad leave me cold. And I'd be wearing stockings, not socks :-)

  6. This could be, of course, where I'm going wrong, Viv......


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