Monday 5 July 2010

The Empty Teacup

The attempt by Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals Ltd to trademark 'World Tarot Day' has failed - he has withdrawn his application owing to an 'Intention to Object' being filed by Louise Underhill. Kudos to her for standing up for her convictions, and lucky that she has the finances to back up her objection. You can read his open letter here, but be warned, it tastes to me somewhat of sour grapes, and includes some very flawed assumptions.

Many complaints have been registered against this hijacking attempt, mainly by people concerned that the original ethos of the day ought not to be under the control or altered at the whim of any one individual or organization; that it should be open to any and all tarotists who wanted to be involved, rather than certain individuals or organizations being proscribed because Mr.Katz has some personal grudge against them. There has also been concern over Mr.Katz's motives - there is a perceived possible intention to commercialize and profit from it, as Tarot Professionals is a business.

It is unfortunate that Den Elder, the originator of the World Tarot Day, did not communicate her desire to 'retire' from promoting it to any of the several international non-profit tarot organizations who would have been delighted to take on and promote it with full access, engagement and involvement offered to all the tarot community, both individuals and organizations - the Tarot Guild is one, TABI is another.

Perhaps Mr.Katz will now cease to harass Alison Cross both personally and as Chair of TABI, and focus his considerable talents on running and developing his business. In light of his recent actions and behavior, perhaps it is time he re-visited his company motto to consider whether it is appropriate for him to claim that he is ''restoring the spiritual dignity of tarot''.

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  1. A triumph of reason. One has to wonder why they considered it necessary to be "sole developer and promoter" of this day to the exclusion of all others.
    It could be viewed as libellous for Mr Katz to suggest in his open letter that the alternative .info site was intended as a device to promote TABI or the Tarot Guild. It was motivated purely and simply to allow anyone the opportunity to show their support for the concept of WTD without association with or endorsement of the commercial organisation that had taken it over, for no personal gain whatsoever. I would also suggest that he be careful of continuing his outbursts again TABI and the personal attacks on its Chairman or he could well find himself in the position he describes in his open letter of facing legal action for libel, slander and/or harassment.


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