Thursday 22 July 2010


I had some lovely times staying with my Bubicka when I was a child, but my spoiling was in the form of a later bedtime, cups of weak tea, fresh grapefruit and radishes. My maternal grandfather did not seem to be aware of our existence much, and I don't recall any gifts from him ever.

I am so glad that my father and my MIL are not cut from the same cloth as him - that my kids know, like and love their grandparents and are always keen and eager to spend time with them. Nanny always knows the best secret spots - parks, beaches and ponds; Belo allows them to help paint the sheds, rootle around in the loft getting filthy dirty, and takes them out to eat fast food. Both children are seriously excited about their week's holiday at Nanny's house, and Belo's return at the end of summer ....

This week, in celebration of their good school reports, from their Belo the children received this:

Enough candy to make me go out and buy new toothbrushes and brush their teeth myself. They had no idea it was coming and couldn't believe their luck.

Although I said earlier that I didn't plan on learning any new techniques, I wanted to knit something for my youngest nephew, and found a pattern for a cute cabled tank top. So I learned to cable this week. It wasn't difficult when I got used to it, and I only had trouble when I wasn't paying enough attention to the pattern when decreasing for the armholes.

The photo is appalling - I've decided now to wait for weekends when DH is home, so he can do the artistic creative thing, as he is so much better at photos than me. It is knitted in Stylecraft Wondersoft Pearl DK, which is 100% acrylic (and therefore machine washable), but with a cottony look and feel to it, and with good stitch definition. I liked the pattern so much I'll use it for Destructo Boy's school tank top ...

Now I have to decide what knitting to take with me to my SIL's wedding party: I can't take any of my Christmas knitting, as it's mainly all for DH's family. I need it to be fairly mindless, but simultaneousyl impressive to non-knitters. A challenge that I must rise to.


  1. As a non-knitter, I think almost anything is impressive! For example, that shrug where you had a separate border looked SO complicated, and how you change from seam to pattern and actually make things with shapes and holes is ALL beyond me. So, if the other non-knitters are anything like me, it's more about having a pretty fabric and keeping the needles moving ;-) Hope the wedding's fun (though it won't be a spot on the TABI Conference!)

  2. What fun to get a treat box out of the blue like that! They will remember it always. C


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