Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Well, what a great day. Mini Diva had a fabulous school report, and so did Destructo Boy. I did laugh at the bit where the teacher said that Destructo Boy had a ''good awareness of space and safety'' - she wouldn't have said that had she seen him standing on the bay window roof, having climbed out of my bedroom window. So a trip to the cinema at the end of term has been promised as a reinforcement that effort and work bring rewards. DH will have to choose which arm to lose in order to pay for it.

Having received book vouchers at Christmas and (obviously, since it's now July) taken my sweet time deciding what to buy with them, I ordered Barbara Walker's 2nd Knitting Treasury from my local Waterstones. They had to order it, and told me it would be about 3 weeks. 4 weeks later I called for a progress report to be told their supplier didn't envisage having it from the USA for at least another month. I wasn't very happy with this, having already paid £35 to them for the book.

Amazon.com have it for $30 - I could have ordered it from them and had it well within 3 weeks. So strolling round the interwebs, I came across the marvellous people at iKnit, whose website said it was in stock, and that was confirmed by the lovely man I spoke to - and it was only £21.95. He popped it in the post that day, and I had it the next. Friendly, efficient service - we love it.

You'll notice that in the photo is some new laceweight 100% Bluefaced Leicester yarn in a vibrant color called 'Fire Festival'. Well, having saved so much money on my book, I now had some left over for yarn - a quick click to Abstract Cat's Folksy shop soon took care of that. I plan to knit this Candleflame Shawl with it = a perfect marriage of color and project.

And - as if that weren't enough - I heard from the lovely Annie, President of the Australian Tarot Guild that my Bereavement Spread was used successfully in a spread workshop they held at the weekend. My cup runneth over.


  1. Absolutely perfect pairing of yarn and project! I can't wait to see pictures.

  2. Result, result, result!!

    If I had a vuvuzela I'd be tooting it...oh wait! What's THIS bit of red plastic tat? *purses lips and.......* 'drooooooooooone! drooooooooone'

    Ali xxxx


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