Friday 1 April 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different ! 2KCBWDAY5

And now for something completely different: 2KCBWDAY5
Experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create. There are no rules of a topic to blog about (though some suggestions are given below) but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog.

There once was an old woman from Suffolk
Who decided to challenge the blog folk:
Submit me a rhyme
By the end of this time
This contest is no April Fool's joke !

Have a go at winning this contest
It's easier than knitting a lace vest:
Simply comment in verse
(For better or worse!)
Sit back and relax, read the rest !

2nd Annual April Fool's Contest: All you have to do is leave a comment in a form of (original) verse, eg.rhyming couplet, haiku, sonnet, iambic pentameter, epigram, etc to have a chance of winning a fabulous Mystery Prize selected by me !

Go on, have a go - it cannot be worse than mine !

Open to international entries
Closing date Fri.8th April, 2011
Winner will be chosen by random number generator.
Winner will be announced on the blog.
Please make sure I can contact you for your address.


  1. I love how you rhyme your verse.
    I'm sure I would do much worse.

    I've never been a poet.
    I'm sure this post will show it.

    Your creative juices are flowing.
    I just can't keep it going.

    Now on to read other blogs.
    Before I get floged.

  2. Just two more repeats
    One more, then I'll go to sleep
    Is that the sunrise?

    I'm a knitter, you know.
    You can't blame me for looking.
    That new scarf you love?
    Asos might call it "handmade".
    But I know a lot better.

  3. What a fabulous post from you
    I'm not quite sure what to do

    Perhaps I might win
    Now, that would make me sing
    But OMG what a din!
    I'll get put in the bin!

    I must say thank you
    and have a lovely day too!

  4. No knitting for days
    Been in a blog reading haze!
    If I were to win
    Would it absolve my sin?
    Will my needles feel sad
    For my neglect so bad
    Or will we joyfully reunite?

  5. In knitting I love
    Softness of the alpaca
    Tis too much, I cry

    (yes I am useless at doing anything written like that :D )

  6. Gosh said us
    Ready with a rhyme?
    Enough of a challenge
    All eager we typed
    To the tune of Kismet's companion

    Pah, said I
    Only trash shall I find
    Shame my words never work
    Thanks for making me look a berk!

  7. There once was a kitty called Viv
    Whose claws were as sharp as a shiv
    If you thought she was fluffy
    You'd be wrong: she's a toughie
    But if you play nice, she may let you live

  8. There once were some yarns called acrylics
    Who found they had very harsh critics
    "They're no good for lace,
    Malabrigo's ace!"
    But acrylics make washable fabrics!

  9. across the ocean
    a blogger reads witty posts,
    smiles, and knits on

  10. There once was a goddess called Venus
    Who grabbed hold of Vulcan's hot.......maybe we should just draw a veil over that poetry attempt right NOW....


  11. Contest calls my name
    Though I win just by reading
    Post in a good rhyme

  12. I stopped by earlier, had NO inspiration so I'm back. This verse stinks but hey...I'm no poet.

    There once was a knitter named Trix
    Whose husband did not like her sticks
    She dumped him and then
    Went to knitting again
    Now Trix is really getting her kicks!

  13. She was a crafty gal from old Ravel-ry way
    She had a boogie beading style that no one else could play
    She was a top gal at her craft
    And then her number came up - she was bedazzled by glass
    She's crafting shawls now, and edging constantly
    She's the boogie-woogie beading gal of CST*

    * = Crochet Small Talkers group on Rav; and it's to the tune of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B"

  14. Blogs are awesome, blogs are cool,
    Especially on April Fool.
    But I'm reading so many blogs all day,
    I'll never get to my crochet!

    Great contest!

  15. A pair of haikus about grief and possible redemption:

    Our dogs are cousins
    They are fluffy, heavy coats
    No need for hand knits.

    But wait, is it spring?
    Blowing coat creates fiber
    Dog fur as yarn...gross?

  16. Knitting time today
    Knit one, Purl Two, Yarn Over
    Time for nothing else

    :) Great contest!

  17. Hark!
    Whats that shimmering in the night?
    Silvery glows of soft moon light?
    Should the moon be quite so bright?
    I've been knitting all darn night!

  18. just had to say, i really like tishka's! that is all (for now).

  19. Give me a prize
    That would be wise :)

  20. Mary had a little lamb
    It's fleece as white as snow.
    She sheared it and clipped it,
    Carded and flicked it,
    Then spun it all up like a pro.

  21. Love to knit daily
    Sometimes forget that I blog
    Trying to do both

  22. I love how you rhyme on your blog.
    But my creativity is in a fog.
    I hope I win the mystery prize,
    I'll love it, no matter the size!
    So pretty please pick Cindy
    She's the one from Indy!


Thanks ! I love comments :-)