Monday, 27 June 2011

Can't Trust That Day

It's hot, hot, hot .... and I'm loving it. Kind folks call me a lizard, unkind folks call me a reptile.

Today I did 5 loads of washing, and a bit of knitting, as I was enjoying basking. Basking and housework are not natural mates, so I had to choose which to prioritize ... easy, especially since this was a large part of my view:

After I'd collected the kids from school, they put their swimsuits on and played on the patio with the hose. They had two instructions only:

1) water the tubs, pots and troughs

2) do not wet the almost-dry washing

Apparently, they couldn't manage either of these simple tasks. Having been sent to his room, Destructo Boy appeared at Mini Diva's window. Actual conversation:

Me: Let's practice some thinking, shall we ? Tell me the two good reasons why you must not get on the radiator and lean out of Mini Diva's window.

Destructo Boy: Because I knocked over all the pots of plants ?

Me: OK. There's three reasons then, give me the other two .....

Minus: Destructo Boy forgot his hat and his lunchbox at school.

Minus: Mini Diva forgot her lunchbox at school.

Minus: Mini Diva has a verruca.

Minus: Mini Diva has lost her bike lock.

Minus: Jewel the cat was sick - again; a rescue cat, too often she hoovers down her food without chewing, resulting in it coming right back up again 5 minutes later.

Plus: the dog ate the cat sick, so I had nothing to wipe up.


  1. That is one gross dog you have!
    I too took advantage of the weather to do laundry - all our bedding, all the towels, flannels and the bath mats :)

  2. What's a verruca? I only know it as Verucca (sp?) Salt from Charlie snd the Chocolate Factory....It's been pleasant here, but not hot, hot, hot yet...which is good...I am not a basker...

  3. Ooh, convenient dog cleanup. I've been accused of being a lizard by my officemate, but because I get cold or hot very quickly with changes in temperature.

    I had to google verruca....ewwwwwwww.

  4. Love the destructo boy exchange! Who cares about life and limb - just remember to not upset the plant pots. :)

  5. Re: kitty sick. At my house we call that a "hot lunch."

    Gross yes. But true.


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