Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WIP Wednesday 46: Ack ! Oh Noes !

So one of DH's BIL's has a birthday this week. I remember in time to knit a rather lovely scarf over a mere 3 days, using RYC Classic Silk Wool DK in the 'Brownstone' colorway; I even find what I think is a really nice stitch pa
ttern - a Lacy ZigZag. I cast off, and the next morning I wash and block it.

I am pleased. It is a
nice yarn - smooth, soft, and easy to knit with. The pattern is masculine. The color will suit him (DH chose it). I am in time to get it blocked, wrapped and posted before the weekend.

Go me, sez I. Let's take a photo for Wednesday - it counts as a WIP because I'm in the blocking stage, so it isn't technically completed yet.

Here's the photo:

Do you see what I see ?

No ?

Let me zoom in for you:

And just to reinforce that, zoom again:

Somehow, a stitch has broken. I shall fix it when the scarf is dry. Wednesdays are full of woe ...

But the lovely people over at Tami's Amis will have better news for you ....


  1. Oh no! I hate when yarn breaks, I feel so betrayed.

  2. thats not so bad you can easily pick that up and you'll never know it was there. Nice scarf btw

  3. Argh! Oh no! I hope you can fix it, it's a lovely scarf and the Rowan yarn is gorgeous (I have some in my stash).

  4. I'm sure you'll get that fixed without too much trouble. It's a really beautiful gift.

  5. ooohh lovely lace pattern, hope you manage to fix it :)

  6. Oh no! If it makes you feel better, I didn't even notice until you zoomed in- the fix shouldn't show at all!

  7. Eeek! Hope you get it fixed ready for posting. Nice pattern too.

  8. *GASP* THE HORROR! I hope you find a quick/easy fix! Its beautiful, even with the special "eyelet"

  9. I hope it's an easy fix ... very pretty scarf!

  10. Nooooooooo!!!!!! ((hugs)) It's the cats' fault...oh, wait...that's at *my* house. It's still a lovely scarf.

    I don't think I've ever said so, but one of my favorite things about this blog is the tarot card you inlcude. I love the infinite variety of cards out there.

  11. Fingers crossed you can fix it! Beautiful job other than the little stitch. I know! You can say that you're following the Amish 'deliberate mistake' to show that you do not aim for perfection because perfection is for God alone.

    Might work?!

    How's Seb?


  12. I am glad it was a small problem & easily fixed! I made a scarf recently with a zigzag pattern I randomly swapped the right side for the wrong side about 25% from the end. I can't bear ripping it out to fix it, at least not yet :-)

  13. Oh that stinks! It looks great though!


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