Friday 24 June 2011

Danger, Will Robinson !

Well, do you know, this morning I expected to be posting my usual FO Friday, with a couple of pics of the projects I've completed this week, and to be nattering on in that kind of vein.

But even after the events of the last few days, I had to think long and hard about whether I wanted to drag out that battered old soap-box: did I want to - yet again - invest my time and energy into the malicious black hole that is Marcus Katz ?

I found that his behavior offends me so much that I still cannot sit idle and quiet and watch it all happen without comment. It appears from the post on the WE Tarot blog that Katz is still practicing his inconsistent and unexplained membership policy, vetting applicants on who-knows-what kind of criteria; no-one knows because he does not condescend to inform them.

Far more importantly, and much more sadly, it is a real shame - and almost unbelieveable - to see one of the tarot world's leaders, being unable to apply any critical thinking, or even basic questioning, to this matter. Mary Greer's comments on the WE Tarot blog claim she is neutral and uninvolved as regards Tarot Professionals and their aggressive actions and behavior.

Yet, not only is she some kind of board member of theirs, she posts an 'interview' with Katz on her blog today that asks no questions - of any kind - but simply gives him further opportunities to promote his various money-making enterprises. She is either incredibly naive, or a liar: how can she be neutral or disinterested, with these ties ? She certainly lacks an ability to step back and examine whether the criticisms made of Katz hold any water, and therefore also presumably is unable to see how her own behavior is very detrimental to her reputation.

I believe it is more than time that this whole sorry mess was aired and discussed, that people stood up for themselves and refuse to be intimidated any longer by the secret personal phone calls and threats .

And those who are regarded as leaders in the tarot community owe it to that community to shed some light into these dark corners; it is simply not good enough to try to excuse yourselves by claiming you don't want to get involved in the 'politics' of it all. You have a responsibility to those who look to you for an example, by virtue of your positions as arbiters and experts. After all, if you continue to stick your head in the sand, don't be surprised when your undefended butt gets kicked.


  1. You would have thought that people's true colours would shine through and people could make their own judgement. I'm just waiting for the hand of friendship (or whatever it is, the hand that fees them, perhaps?) to get bitten. For as sure as a mistreated hound, it will. But people have to make up their own minds and their own judgements. How WE Tarot blog has been treated is just plain pure un-professionalism, as far as I am concerned. At least a courteous note as to why would be the action of any decent business, would it not? Or perhaps I come from a business school where communication and professionalism skills are now "old skool". Shame if that is the case :(

  2. Umm, Mary can't be neutral - her photo is on their membership certificate. There's a name for sticking pics of well-known people on commercial's called, ummm, celebrity endorsement and in all practical terms it means the "celebrity" is saying "This is good, better than anything else, I use it and you should too." Hardly neutral!

  3. Unfortunately I know nothing about the Tarot profession, so I cannot comment. BUT I just wanted to say "go you" for standing up for something you feel strongly about.

    Go you!

  4. Well, let's just think for a moment about why Katz invited Mary to be on his 'board' in the first place? Until this sorry state came to pass I would say that, along with Rachel Pollack, Mary was GLOBALLY one of the most respected faces in the tarot world.

    I emphasise globally because it is relatively easy to become a 'name' within the confines of a country; to gain international recognition within a discipline signifies that a person has earned the respect and trust of the majority of people working in that field.

    Katz, of course, recruited Mary in the hope that some of her luminescence would be reflected in his direction. The sad truth is that, when people know and understand the facts, some of the Katz darkness will blot out Mary's light.

    And I do think that people WILL get to know the facts because the genie is now well and truly out of the Katz bottle. And about time too.

  5. I, like Sara, know nothing about the Tarot profession, other than as a "non-convetional" source of spriritual development, you must face a great deal of skepticism. Unlike Sara, I never let my ignorance on a subject prevent me from spouting off. Sara, you are much wiser than I.

    As a member of the non-informed public, I gained a healthy dose of insight and skepticism toward Mr. K's motivations when I read that he felt qualified to start reading for friends after just a weekend of training, but now sells a two year course to prepare others. Some of whom reportedly have as much as 20 years of experience, but still haven't come up to his standards?

    I also applaud you for taking a public stand on this issue, and hope that the entire profession will become engaged in making sure that ALL organizations and institutions are held to the highest standard of providing service to the Tarot, it's practicioners and the public they serve.

  6. we could maybe post this one :-)

    We are NEVER going to say anything that will make all eyes turn on TP and have him tripping over himself to explain his actions/words.

    All we can do is keep raising flags when these scenarios arise - and hopefully the more flags that go up, the more willing people will be to help raise a flag.

    We must not get bogged down in what happens as we've got our own organisation to keep moving forwards and make what WE do as ethical and professional as we possibly can so that every time we raise a flag, people will believe us - because of the way WE conduct ourselves in the Tarot community.

    We have just announced a £1,000 bursary for some lucky person in the Tarot community. I want people to know that we ARE open, inclusive, straightforward, supportive and, frankly, quite good fun to be around.

    Ali x


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