Friday 5 August 2011

Friday in Colors

Random topic for a post, I know. But I haven't a FO to show, really. I don't count totally decluttering and organizing the living rooms, a job I hate almost as much as I hate bankers and stockbrokers.

So, F is for fuchsia.

Red (begonia)

Indigo (lobelia)

Dark orange (helenium)

Apple green

Yellow (rose)

Yeah, you're right - some of these were a stretch. But they are all in my garden or patio.


  1. I think in the world of FO's, jobs you hate should count as three or four. Maybe in their case FO could stand for Flattened Obstacles, or some other name denoting TRIUMPH!

  2. The top picture looks like little ballerinas. Such pretty flowers. I would think that such pretty plants in your own garden could count as an FO.


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