Wednesday 31 August 2011

Visit Bury St.Edmunds !

So the weekend weather forecast wasn't the best: cloudy, cool with some very heavy showers, but I dragged DH out regardless, and on Saturday we headed to Bury St.Edmunds.

There's a large market that isn't just tons of bad-taste cheap clothing, lots of indie shops, at least three - THREE ! - yarn shops, plus a fabulous lady with a yarn stall on the market, plenty of coffee shops, nice pubs, and generous, cheap parking close to the town centre.

It is totally obvious why the Abbey Gardens make such a huge contribution to 'Bury in Bloom', and why the town has won so many floral awards; the planting is amazing, and immaculately maintained - a brilliant example of old-fashioned beautiful parks bedding:

Also tucked away near the ruins is a small herb garden, complete with Green Man, and a tranquil memorial rose garden:

There is also History. Stuff that looks like Proper History:

the Abbey Gate

Stuff that used to be History before it fell down:

the Abbey after Henry VIII

And People that made History:

Much as I am fond of Ipswich, we went home wondering why Bury St.Edmunds isn't the county town of Suffolk. No, this post is not sponsored by some subversive Group for Change ....

We had a lovely day of wandering around, taking our time, stopping whenever we felt like it, not having to consider the wants or needs of anyone other than ourselves. There were no sulks, no inconvenient bathroom visits, no boredom, no moans or whinges, no panicky moments where you can't see one or other child amongst the crowd, and no random muck and stickiness.

It felt odd.


  1. Please tell me you hit up at least one of the indie yarn shops!

  2. I did: I visited all 3 shops, and the market stall: bought yarn in one shop and from the stall :) Had bought a pattern from one of the other shops last time ....

  3. Stuff that used to be history before it fell down...hysterical!!!!! Sounds like a great day! I was trying to impress on my students today that our country is a baby, only a couple hundred years old and that there are places that are thousands of years old....10 year olds, really don't get it...

  4. It sounds fab. Never been to Bury St Edmunds. WANTED to Bury Noel Edmunds. But it's not the same thing :-)



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