Wednesday 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 55: Weekly Ramble

So this week is feeling very odd - the kids are at their Nanny's (my MIL), DH is (of course) at work, and the house is terribly quiet, as it's in the nature of all three cats to be generally noiseless, and Sebastian is unusually subdued - there's no itching and scratching, and a huge improvement in his skin, as he is back on antibiotics and steroids. I think he may be missing the children. I almost wrote 'as well' at the end of that sentence, but caught myself just in time.

I have indulged myself with grown-up food; I have stayed up very late to see the end of a film: 'Something's Gotta Give' - I kept waiting for Jack Nicholson to break into his old, tired mad/crazy persona, but he didn't. This film was refreshing just for that. And my goodness, does Diane Keaton ever play a woman who is not nice, and does not scream and wail ? I have watched trash TV: 'Teen Mom' and 'Teen Mom 2', which make me wonder exactly how Americans bring up their children so that they end up without boundaries, discipline or respect: Jenelle and Amber, I'm looking at you.

But this is not an essay on what is wrong with modern youth, but rather a show-and-tell: first, the usual suspects:

We have just shaped the bottom of the armholes of the front.

And Uber-Cool Brother's German Herringbone Rib Scarf:

which is probably about 1/3 of the way through.

As if these weren't enough to be getting on with, last night I cast on for a beret for Mini Diva, using the ball of Robin Piccasso Chunky left over from her lacy vintage sweater . (Yes, Calophi, I had totally forgotten to post the pattern as I promised: it'll be in the mail today). It's the Beret in Fisherman's Rib with Picot Brim, and I wish I'd read the project notes of the other people who have knitted it before I started: it is not written very clearly, especially considering the version of Fisherman's Rib used is rather unusual - Google is my friend, and it turns out that this version is German in origins. We will persevere, and see how it goes:

And I suffered a couple of 'moments' because I simply could. not. remember where I had put the skein of Madeline Tosh laceweight in 'Briar' .... so spent some time running around the house like a complete nutter searching for it obsessively ....

I advise you to head over to Tami's Amis where there are sane people ....


  1. Sometimes we long for some time alone where we can do what we want. When we get it the first thing we notice is the silence. Hope the noise comes back soon.

    You are making such awesome headway with your WIPS. He's my favourite dude from Ice Age. I only watch for him.

  2. *laughs at the picture of scrat* hope your frantic searching paid off ;)

    Love the idea of the matching hat to go with the vintage sweater, how cute will that outfit look?!

  3. I love that green scarf. Beautiful colour and pattern!

  4. Wow, all your projects are looking great!

  5. All your colours are beautiful! I especially love the scarf.

    Have a lovely week

  6. Haha - your post cracked me up!! All of your WIP's a quite lovely, although I now need to call Calophi to see what pattern you speak of - I am intrigued!!!

    As an American mom of a teen and pre-teen, I promise you that I do not let my boys run around causing trouble! Not to be on the too serious side, but is quite scary as to what is happening to today's youth. Philadelphia (a major city here) has begun to instill a curfew because of gangs of kids being unruly and vandalizing properties. They finally realized that they need to make the parents be held responsible for their kids' actions. It does make me wonder what this world is coming too... Sometimes I just want to crawl into a hole and hide...

  7. Enjoy your alone time. It is unsettling but you'll have the chaos back soon enough.
    Everything looks great! I love the color of the sweater.

  8. Yum! That scarf is working up to be delicious!

  9. See that house in Something's Gotta Give - THAT HOUSE HAS GOT MY NAME WRITTEN ON IT!!!!!

    You'll be glad to see the kids home for about a minute and a half and then you will long for the nice time you had without them. Or is that just me?


  10. Yes, put children aside for the moment: misplacing the Madtosh would be cause for pulling one's hair out.

  11. As an American Mom I do have to say, not all Americans give up the job of parenting. It is no more or less here than any other society. Each culture has slackers in the parental department. Unfortunately, here, they seem to promote it! I am just glad I was instilled with manners and have tried to instill them in my children.
    Love the knitting!!!

  12. I love the color of the sweater and the pattern of the scarf! They both look great!! Best of luck on the beret. Of course on the scarf I also love the color. That will look so awesome. Wonderful, wonderful!

  13. I'm not a mom or american but I think most people do the best they can - it snot always teh best possible but the best they can. So many girls I went to school with have children that are well past the terrible twos and I hardly feel ready but maybe they are?(I'm 24). Hmmm Motherhood is a touchy subject...okay on to knitting!

    They are all quite lovely, great yearn choices, can't wait to see them all finished up!

    Channel the squirrel shamelessly I say.. I think we all do at some point when yarn is involved.. that or start whispering 'My precious' at the computer screens..


  14. Diane Keaton's acting just annoys me. Partner says it's because she comes from the Woody Allen stable of actors.

    You have a lovely variety of projects going.


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