Monday 28 November 2011

My Oprah Moment

The inscription on the base, in full, reads ''nemo potest personam diu ferre fictam'' and translates as, ''no-one can wear a mask forever'', from the philosopher Seneca the Younger.

The card depicts I The Magician far more traditionally, close to the Marseilles 'Le Bateleur' or mountebank, and so much more realistic than the egoist self-deluder of the RWS tarot: here he is a pedlar or tinker, throwing dice as an additional way of fleecing the unsuspecting simpletons who believe his smooth words. This is the original snake oil salesman.

This card is perfect to describe the toxic person who keeps impinging on my life and raising my blood pressure. According to Forrest Gump, ''stupid is as stupid does'', and nothing I can do is going to change that.

So I am reclaiming my inner peace, taking back ownership of my mental serenity, pouring oil on the troubled waters of my soul - and refusing to engage any more. Their true self, mean spirit and lack of ethics will either be revealed to their unquestioning group of supporters, or not.

The good thing about hitting your head on a brick wall ? It feels great when you stop.


  1. Love you :-)

    From a fellow brick wall head thumper stopper.

    Ali x

  2. and keep breathing...just did an hour's yoga breathing class and the clarity is amazing!!


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