Thursday 3 November 2011

WIP Wednesday 65: :Better Late

.... than never.

So all my plans yesterday fell apart and on top of that, the washing machine broke: the drum does not go round. I just ran out of time, energy and will to blog yesterday. So I'll make up for it today instead.

As you'll recall, I have been working on the Vintage Cabled Sweater for at least a century, and at the last check, only had about maybe 3/4 of the second sleeve to go. Now I have about 5/8 of it to go:

It has progressed so little because I have been led astray by this:

I found this at Wibbling Wools in Bury St.Edmunds when we were there at the weekend: Regia Hand-dye Effect by Kaffe Fassett. It is being turned into the Seriously Simple Shawl pattern, another lovely creation of Wendy D.Johnson.   

I think this is a far more enjoyable photo even though you see a lot less of it :

                                                           Moonheart in Dr.Jekyll mode

Less tardy and less lazy people's work can be seen at Tami's Amis ......


  1. Moonheart: Now you HAVE to pet me, b*tch.

    :) :) :)

  2. So cute! Looks like Moonheart likes your shawl as much as you do :)

  3. Teehee, Moonheart is a wool pig.

    Sorry about your bad day yesterday. Hope today was better!

  4. Loving the yarn colour for the shawl, and Moonheart looks happy with it, maybe you should give it to him?

  5. I love Moonheart's expression. I think Calophi read it correctly. LOL

  6. You are seriously prolific with your creativity.....scarves, shawls, soaps - is there anything that you CAN'T do, woman?


  7. I love the yarn colors of your shawl. Moonheart could be our Tennessee's twin. Same expression even.


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