Wednesday 9 November 2011

WIP Wednesday 66: Hiatus

I've two things to show you today, one of which will amaze you because it's so nearly done that it is surprising that I didn't stay up even later last night simply to be able to say ''it's done, at last'':

All that needs doing is the side and sleeve seams to be sewn up. I had to buy another ball of the yarn yesterday as I ran out with the collar yet to knit ....

And speaking of planning fails, another project came to a shuddering halt - halfway through a row, too ! Again, because I ran out of yarn in row 21 out of the final 26 rows .....

The internet is great for 24/7 shopping, and so yesterday morning another skein of this yarn dropped through my letterbox from the friendly and efficient Sheila's Wool Shop ....

As Mini Diva's school had a teachers' personal development day yesterday, we popped into town and amused ourselves by buying bits and bobs for her Operation Christmas Child box (which we couldn't have done if the kind lady in the Shuropody shop hadn't given us a shoe-box). It is a Christian organization, but for us, sharing and giving is non-denominational.

Over at Tami's Amis, you will find other progress reports - I'll have to catch up with you all after my guests have left and I have quit panicking about the broken washing machine ....


  1. I hate running out of yarn - so I always buy way too much then end up with 2 random balls I have nothing to do with! I wish it was easy to get it right first time ;)

    I used to do the christmas shoeboxes, must see if there is anywhere local I can find to do it again. I totally agree that it is non-denominational really, generosity and kindness is important on its own :)

  2. Pretty sweater. I'm a morning person, so I'd absolutely leave off seaming until the morning. It's worth taking your time so that you're perfectly happy with it.

  3. Running out of yarn so totally sucks. I do love that sweater.

  4. You ran out of yarn TWICE in one week? Tough break. I'm glad you could get more, but jeesh. Darn yarn god had it in for you.

  5. This is a test...

  6. (You see, it keeps eating my comments, so I've no idea if any are actually going through)

  7. Running out is not fun, but at least you know that you can finish them both pretty quickly when you have the new yarn! They're so nearly done


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