Friday, 30 December 2011

FO Friday 67: Karise Redux

So here it is, another lie exposed .... last Friday I told you all about my likely final Finished Object of 2011, the Karise Shawl I made for Mini Diva's BFF:

But it took a mere 2 skeins of King Cole Merino 4ply in 'Lilac' and odd moments stolen throughout a 4 day period, to knit up another Karise:

Actually, I ran out of yarn with about 80 or so stitches left to bind off .... so I cheated and finished with a bit of Stylecraft DK in a very similar lilac that I had hanging about. You can only notice if you know where and what to look for.

This Karise is destined for my Auntie Vera ( my great-uncle David's 2nd wife: his1st wife Una Jean was my mother's Aunt) in Scotland, as a thank you for her many kindnesses to me.

I am cogitating my New Year goals .... and will likely share them with you soon - but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, over at Tami's Amis, you will find more end-of-year loveliness .....


  1. You're a bluddy marvel with the old knitting sticks!

    Looking forward to seeing your Resolutions!

    Ali x

  2. Wow, how gorgeous they both are! I love the colors of each. I'm sure the recipients will be very appreciative! Happy New Year!

  3. Two absolutely lovely shawls, this pattern has gone on my to do list :0)
    I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year :0)

  4. Wow, those are both beautiful! I'm not a shawl knitter, but if I were, that pattern would be at the top of my list...

  5. They are both, very pretty shawls.

  6. Oh, those shawls. I just want to pet the lace portions for hours. Beautiful.

  7. Both shawls are really beautiful. I hope they were appreciated as gifts. I think I like the lilac one best as it shows off that gorgeous stitch pattern.


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