Tuesday 13 December 2011


So this was me today. Calm, chilled, relaxed, focussed. Believe that, believe anything.

Actually, this was far closer to the truth:

I had looked at Moonheart, and I really think that she had totally the right idea about how to spend the day - especially since it was very cold and blustery outside:

Yes, the radiator is on, and that is a rather unusual and hard-to-come-by spider plant that she is crushing, next to the very expensive cutting that came from Kent that she has her paw in. Buddha also took a header not long afterwards.

However, as I was just about to settle down to Karise (thanks so much again, Steph) with a cup of tea, blankey, hot water bottle and Dr.Mark Sloan, I saw this:

Irresistible, isn't he ? A mere hour and a half of running around chasing squirrels and big leaves in the park turned him into this:

I need to figure out how I can be more productive during this time.


  1. I totally had the other Dr Mark Sloan in my head (Greys Anatomy version) ;)

    The cat picture is so funny, I always find it amazing the positions they can get themselves into!

  2. LOL I know the Grays Anatomy one as Dr.McSteamy ...:-D

  3. The cat so has the right idea....I love to cuddle with my heating pad...


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