Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Rose by Any Other Name .....

..... does not smell as sweet. Shakespeare was wrong.

I have stolen downstairs in the middle of a wind-tossed winter's night to tell you all about my gift, while polishing off the sad remainder of a box of Turkish Delight ...

DH has spoiled me terribly, and by that I mean he has actually spoiled me far too well, and has been most wickedly extravagant on things that I cannot return to the store. One of the things he gave me, having consulted with Destructo Boy, was a bottle of this:

And oddly enough, the topic of perfume and men's buying of it had just been a topic explored by my Twin Ania both on her blog, and her Facebook page.

After a misspent youth wearing Opium and Obsession, I achieved some subtlety, and grew up into the très très chic scent that is Caleche by Hermes. I have worn nothing but Rose perfume for about the last eleven years or so. Firstly Crabtree & Evelyn's 'Damask Rose', until they stopped making that and replaced it with the somewhat inferior 'Evelyn Rose', which I have continued to use even though I live in the provinces where it is impossible to find; it looks as if it is going down the same forlorn path. I have also used the RHS Rose perfume, which, again, is proving somewhat challenging to find.

My DH and Destructo Boy, knowing all this, went on a mammoth hunt through everywhere they could think of, and the closest thing they could find was this 'Very Irresistible' by Givenchy, which says it uses 5 types of rose in its manufacture. Bless their cotton socks, I love them dearly, and I so wish that I could say that this smells of roses. But it doesn't. It smells like expensive French perfume.

And now, so do I.


  1. That was so sweet of them...I got perfume too...I haven't worn perfume in awhile...and the Hubs was shopping and he smelled it...and he said it was the first perfume that he has ever smelled that smelled like me...It's Tresor by Lancome...then he realized I used to wear it years and years ago..It's rose, mudent and lilac with a hint of peach and apricot

  2. Interesting topic - For blokes too (evidently)? LOL! Hardly a "Lothario" , but always loved a perfumed woman: Chanel #5 evokes memories... Idem their #19. In my "past life" (Geneva CH), perfume samples arrived regularly on doormats. It's quite HARD to find a decent perfume shop outside big-city UK? I remember: "Turbulances", by Revillon. Never found the bearer of that particular fantasy tho! Still available - But "Not what is was in the 80s" apparently? :D

    In my carefree days, I always "felt good" in Yves St. Laurent's "Pour Homme" spray. The local Boots carry "Tabac" - As their limit of sophistication? Tobacco has/had Crowley-ite correspondences, but I'm not convinced... :P

    Maybe I should give myself up to "Old Spice"... GOOD blog though, Viv. Be thankful I have no opinions (idea!) about... knitting? :D


  3. There's nothing wrong with expensive French perfume, is there? Maybe you don't smell the roses (hee) because you're so used to it? I get so used to my own perfume (Coco Mademoiselle, spritzed in the air and pranced through so as not to provoke the allergies too much) that I don't know I'm wearing it.

  4. Aww :( I discovered after my post that my DH had bought me (some years ago now) my Gaultier Classique, not because I had expressed an interest, but because he liked the bottle :/ Fortunately, it smells great on me and we both like it or it could have been a disaaaaster, Dahling!
    (Actually, I suspect that he just thinks it was all his own idea since I did return home once wearing a dash from a friend)

  5. It's nice to see you being indulged :)


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