Tuesday 24 January 2012

Follow - Up

Well, since I find stories without an ending an irritation (and the News is very often guilty of this, perhaps reinforcing our increasingly short attention span), I thought I would update you on my most recent Customer Service grouches.

Firstly, the very late grocery delivery from Asda - last week I tweeted them that I had a problem, and got a direct message asking for my information, which I gave; and some days later I had a very nice email from someone who spoke for the Asda Directorate, which was not only very apologetic, but confirmed the refund of the delivery charge, and told me that a £15 evoucher had been put into to our account because of the inconvenience suffered.

So all in all, I think that is a decent and acceptable response, if somewhat tardy.

Far more important than the kids and the dog starving to death from a non-delivery of food was my timorous return to the hairdresser for them to fix whatever it was that had not worked the first time, which meant that I had left the salon with the same straight hair with which I had entered.

Apparently using exactly the same product, but taking a much shorter time to curl, perm, neutralize etc, at the end of a mere 3 1/2 hours this time (instead of 5) I had curls ! OK, not, yanno, like film star curls, 

but that is just not possible for someone as low maintenance as myself who also lacks a personal lady's maid, motivation and who simply can't bring herself to waste a minimum 1/2 an hour a day on doing her hair. I haven't a photo to show as yet, but I will try to get one over the weekend. I am not a total lazy slob, I hasten to add - I do wear makeup everyday, and it is put on before I leave the house, really ....

                                       this isn't me, I promise; I found her here

But anyway. My stylist thanked me for coming back and giving her the opportunity to make things right. Check the box for ''the right thing to say''. The trick was, she sounded sincere.

So, enfin, I am quite happy with how these two issues turned out.


  1. Have you tweeted that the Assad thing was sorted so quickly? Then the full 'story' is all there?

  2. Good for you. Look forward to seeing the pics (not of the shopping, obviously) :D

  3. I love the natural look on that lady. Are you going to try it yourself?

    Great news about your Asda experience though. :)

  4. Oh Michael, that natural look is more labor-intensive than you realize ;-) but on the plus side, obviously does not require the use of a mirror ....


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