Friday 20 January 2012

Friday In Numbers

11,000,000,000 ie. eleventy billionth time I failed at parenting. Good parenting is just an imaginary concept.

10 was the volume that I was shouting at this morning

5 times that I swore in one sentence this morning

4 winter hats that Destructo Boy owns, none of which he could find this morning

3 weeks' worth of Mini Diva's freshly ironed clothes found crumpled together on the floor of her wardrobe

2 very - very - quiet children

1 maternal meltdown

0 left of the bottle of gin hidden in the pantry


  1. Hey, it happens. Your kids will still turn out fine.

  2. Sometimes a good shouting is the best thing for all concerned :)

  3. Every once in a while you gotta let everyone know who's in charge... Gordon's!

  4. Thanks for the input on my blog. For some reason I'm not having the same problems here as on other blogs - must be your good Karma!


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