Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Big Four-Oh

Paulina Tarot
Wizards Tarot

Oh no, not mine. Had you there for a moment, didn't I ?

Today is a post that will be short and sweet: it is merely to wish my baby sister (who the faithful will know as 'Auntie Fashion') a very happy 40th birthday.

On the surface she may appear as fragile and ethereal as the delicate Queen of Pentacles from the Paulina Tarot; but in reality, her chronic illness (Behcets Syndrome) has highlighted the fact that in actuality she has far more in common with the stubborn and determined Queen of Pentacles from the Wizard's Tarot.

Long may she continue to enjoy to the maximum all that life offers her.           

Me trying not to drop the new baby

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  1. Don't know why my comment didn't post - but what I said was that it was a REALLY cute photo of you holding your sister and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Auntie Fashion!

    Ali x


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