Thursday, 13 June 2013

Blah Blah Raspberries

Tarot of Durer

I was too disheartened to post yesterday - it is June, it is grey all the time, and it is so cold that DH even put on the heating on Sunday. In June. As in, Summertime. I probably wouldn't mind quite so much if I lived within the Arctic Circle because presumably one gets more accustomed to the temperature and lack of sunlight if one lives there long enough.  Or one evolves into some kind of eyeless creature covered in long thick fur. It looks like I will find out - and to save you from the same trouble, I will report back. I am always thinking of others, even in my most anguished troubles.

On top of that, I have an intermittent toothache that I know will have to end up in a trip to the dentist; but right now I am totally burying my head in the sand because I have an overwhelming and irrational fear of dentists. I know, I know, I can't believe I'm such a wuss either; here, you can have my Big Girl Pants because I'm obviously not entitled to wear them any more.

They're damp, you say ? 

Sorry, yes, that is from the panic-stricken sweating which I get from just thinking about the dentist .... pop them in the washing machine, they'll be fine.

Gross ? Yes, indeed. 

But who else do I know well enough to share these intimate and revealing details of my psyche and knickers, but you ?

And if that wasn't enough, I had been doing so well on the shawl I was making with the Knit Picks Chroma - and then 8 rows from the end, I just wasn't happy with how the border was coming out. There were errors  I did not want to fudge. Good girl me, woo hoo, I had put in a lifeline on Row 82, in case of yarn shortage.

'Phew', I thought, amazed at my own unusual foresight, slapping my double-jointed self on the back in congratulations.

I ripped it back to row 82.

To find that somehow I had managed to put the lifeline in wrong, and had missed some stitches. So I had to rip it back right to the beginning. And this is where we are at after about 12 hours work altogether, including the ripping back .....

This is actually green yarn, 'Seaweed' colorway. But there is no sun, so my life looks like footage of Soviet Russia - everything is black, grey and white. So why is three colors called monochrome ?

I wish I liked chocolate more so I could turn to it for comfort - no, don't revoke my membership of the Sisterhood entirely, please ! Have pity ....


  1. oh Viv - what a shame about your knitting. Tell me more of this lifeline duz it werk?

    And go to the dentist - it will just get worse and you will become crabby. Just imagine - you (crabby with toothache) and DD (crabby with being a girl). Go. To. Dentist.

  2. Oh dear :( I've had no end of problems with my Glasgow Rose Stole involving dropped stitched that then require sections ripping back 30-40 rows. Fortunately, it has usually been few than 20 stitches width that needed ripping back. My problem at the moment is picking up the required number of stitches for the border - I always seem to get either far too few or far too many
    Dentists are fine - at least they have a better idea of what needs doing than GPs usually do.

  3. Oh no. It sounds like things are going horribly all at once. Something has got to improve and since the only one you can control is going to the dentist I think that's what you're going to have to do. It won't be so bad. Tell them you are very nervous when you make the appointment and they'll do whatever they can to ease your worry. Good Luck!

  4. Can you find one of those lovely gentle dentists that say nice things like, "Don't worry. I'll put you under and you'll have lovely dreams about yarn."? What do you think about taking a break from seaweed and knit something in a bright color? I can't knit in gray in January, and maybe your weather is too gray for seaweed right now. I hope things look better soon!

  5. Well, everyone else has consoled you about the weather,the un-knitting, and the scary dentist. SOOOO, there's only one choice left for me.

    Gosh, I'm sorry your damp knickers! Awwwwww.

    For folks who find no solace in the Almighty Cacao, I understand booze can do wonders. It can even be better than the stuff the dentist gives you.

    BTW: Apropos my last post: Congrats on your 147+ weeks smoke free! Long may you breathe, and may your ash never droop.

  6. Ok, whine, whine, whine over there on the other side of the pond! Get thee to thy dentist, so there's one less thing to whine about.

    And then get thee to thy liquor store for cocktail fixins. :)


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