Monday, 3 June 2013

Short Report Card

Pagan Tarot

Half-term week was fabulous, not least because DH was home for the whole week. OK, that was mainly to take care of Wilhelmina the Volvo's MOT and any issues arising from that (a new tyre and whole set of brake discs and pads, so she is not a cheap date), but even so - we even had some grown-up time on our own, as the kids had a sleepover at Belo's, after which he put them to work weeding his garden.

Sure, I can tell you what we got up to, why wouldn't I ? 

We ate, drank, went to sleep early, and slept til late - as one ages, one begins to truly appreciate a long night of uninterrupted sleep all the way through until mid-morning. In separate beds. It was blissfully good.

But lest you think that all I did was lie around delicately munching peeled grapes, let me show you the front garden. It is only tiny, but what with the weather (drought then floods) and other things, I had really left it to itself for the last year and a half. It just shows you how messy Nature is when unsupervised:

And after a few hours and half a bottle a little sip of wine, we have this slightly less messy and with more gaps/spaces result:


Tottering away dragging my trowel behind me, I decided that the only thing that could possibly revive me would be more wine and a doner kebab the size of my head; then I collapsed in a catatonic heap of digestion ....

 But now I must be off and attempt to be productive - another shawl needs blocking. I finished it yesterday - binding it off took all afternoon (really, it was like a squillion million stitches AND a picot bind off) sitting in the sunshine; I have the sunburnt inside knee to show for it. How do you burn just the inside of one knee ? All these mysterious things that I never used to worry about.


  1. I hope that the old bird survived the ordeal ok. That's the Volvo, not you. Although, if the cap fits..... ;-)

    As ever, I cannot see the images on your blog and am sitting here waiting for them to load as images in new tabs.....Can I just say that I'm expecting the garden to look like something from Chelsea (Flower Show, not 'Made in') and am hoping that the last image is of YOU passed out in front of the telly, with kebab in hand :-D

    Ali x

  2. I thought Volvo's were indestructable? ;) I hope she is ok!
    Funny thing is, I am working on the smae things in my frontyard so I know the effort it takes!
    I hope your sunburn will be over very soon!
    I would love to see your shawl :)

  3. Yes, shawl piccies please! And your garden (even in the before photo) is still better than anything I could ever achieve. One can only have so many talents, you know ...


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