Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WIP Wednesday 147: Seaweed and Old Men

Old English Tarot

So this week has continued sunny, if a lot less warm because of the northerly winds; hard to believe it is so very different in Prague.

I know that you will be totally impressed to hear that in last week's holiday I only acquired a tiny bit of yarn. 

Well, 2 balls of it. 

Yes, each ball is 400g/14oz, but you wouldn't know that from the picture, so being stupidly honest, I just tell you brazenly..

I didn't even buy this. Shrek aka DH liked his last sweater so much that now he wants a cardigan. But not any old cardigan. Oh no.

 It has to be a 'Dad' cardigan, ie. frumpy old-man vintage and classic in style and design. It must have pockets. I am dreading the request for elbow patches and fake leather buttons.

you can buy these here. If you had to.

He had been mumbling about a fine yarn like a 4ply/fingering weight, but it's OK - I gave him The Look and squashed that crazy idea out of hand since as I haven't yet discovered the Fountain of Youth, I positively will not have the time to complete such a humungous folly undertaking before I grow old, wither away and die from the ensuing boredom.

Aran weight yarn for DH as I am not insane or immortal

My actual WIP this week is another eskimimi's Mrs.Tumnus by the Sea; the marine reference from the yarn's colorway, 'Seaweed'. I think it must be Arctic seaweed as I am sure even the manky dead stuff I have seen on the shore is brighter than this. But I had a tropical upbringing, so the appeal of subtle, classy colors tends to evade me. And the yarn itself (Knit Picks Choma Fingering) is really lovely and squooshily soft; there's a slight uneven-ness in the ply which is not quite enough to be described as 'slubby', but which makes it interesting.

subtle classy yarn in a subtle arty photo

And in last week's trek round the charity/thrift shops with Mini Diva - who possesses a very keen eye for a fashionable bargain - I found this lovely pattern for a baby sweater: I thought it was a little unusual because of the stripes, collar and just the one side cable, and shall be knitting it for the Nephew (August 2013 Edition).

Now I must rush away to satisfy my craving for Hobnobs, plain and undunked. But you who have not been afflicted like me can go and check out all the lovely stuff at Tami's Amis ....


  1. Sonshine wants a sweater too. But it must be in the exact acrylic that my Day Carer used to knit a sweater for him when he was 2. With each washing it got slightly bigger and he ended up being able to wear it when he was 10!!!! We've still got it :-D

  2. Very cute baby pattern! Reading about the cardigan you will soon be undertaking for your husband had me laughing so hard. Tell him once he gets it he needs to take up a golf hobby... If he doesn't already play. Haha. I share the same sentiments when my husband asks me to make him sweaters.

    1. You know golf is as obsessive as sock-knitting ? :)

  3. Judging by the picture, I'd guess the pattern book is from the 1960s. You're lucky he didn't pick one from the 50s, or he'd have to start smoking a pipe as well as taking up golf.

    1. Do you see the link that Ania posted below ? LOL

  4. They must have meant the red weed that did for the Martians in War of the Worlds :)

  5. I say, old thing, how about this one?

  6. Let's not talk about men's sweaters - it's a very sore subject around these parts. DH wants me to make him a baggy black cable sweater with a poloneck. He is 6'4" with a back as long as... something very long. He has NO CHANCE. None! Can we change the subject now...?

  7. I love the colour of that aran yarn, even if it is to be used for a boring cardie :)


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