Wednesday 13 May 2015

6KCBWDAY3: Failed Experiment

Gaian Tarot

OK, we are about halfway through the 6th Annual Knitting & Crochet Week, and I am still here ! Let's see today's prompt:

DAY 3: Experimental Photography and Image Handling for Bloggers
Every Year Knitting & Crochet Blog Week tries to feature at least one day where photography takes a key role, because it has been proven many times that what captures reader’s attention for the first few seconds to hopefully hold them long enough to invest the time to read your words is your pictures, and so this topic crops up each year, but every year it yields such different results!
It is easy enough to fall into a routine of photographing your finished projects as is – clearly displayed, maybe from a few varying angles, and for a large part of the time these are what blog readers will expect to see, but every now and again it is good to throw in a picture that causes people to linger.
Refresh your skills at creating attention-grabbing pictures. Take your own creativity and run to your camera with your own ideas, or use these few easy ideas as a starting point:
Use a few background props – you will be amazed at what you can find around the house if you just pick a few items up without thinking too hard about it. These can be props that either add to the ‘story’ of the photograph or just chime well with the colours and style of the finished object.

Yeah. There's usually a photographic topic, and I usually suck at it. I suck at it so much that I don't think I've ever posted on this topic.


Popping 6KCBWDAY3 into Google will bring up lots of very creative posts, unlike this one ...


  1. I think that's pretty good! I'm rubbish at this one too.

  2. Third attempt at posting a reply to this Viv lol! Think the photo is very creative and am sure that it will be pilfered and re-used by knitters and crafters all over the intertubes!

  3. Clever idea! Well done for finally posting on the photography day!

  4. I disagree, Vivianne. I think yours is VERY creative! I love it!

  5. Excellent photo! I feel the same way...


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