Wednesday, 6 May 2015

SAL Wednesday 18/15 : A Close Shave

Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

Well I've been racketing along with Ruffles & Stripes while watching episodes of Miss.Fisher's Murder Mysteries starring the delectable Nathan Page  ... OK, not so much racketing as toddling then, until this:

See that little strand in the bottom right-hand corner ?

Yes, I'm up to my old tricks - running out again (remember this ?). 

A quick call - on the dot of closing time - to Franklins' Ipswich branch, who didn't have the 1503 Mink shade of King Cole Baby Comfort DK, resulted in a call to me from their Colchester branch to check the exact colorway required, which was then delivered to the Ipswich branch this morning so that I could collect it at lunchtime. This kind of excellent customer service is why B&M stores have to charge more than internet prices, and why we are happy to pay.

Anyway, because I now have more yarn, I must go use it as next week I will be too bust blogging in the 6th Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week. You, however, can go browse through other people's WIPs via Life & Yarn ...


  1. What great customer service and I love your sophisticated colour choices xx

    1. Ha ! I am not sophisticated, but the baby mama is, I chose colors I was sure she'd like :)

  2. Customer service is one of the reasons I try hard to buy local and it sounds like your LYS goes above and beyond! Thanks for sharing.


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