Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WIP Wednesday 21/15: Camel Baby

Witches' Tarot (Dugan)

I know, I know ! I was doing so well with the whole 6KCBW, I mean - 5 days out of 7 and that even included the photographic challenge ! ... Only to fall at the last hurdle ie. the weekend posts. But I just couldn't find the time, plus I didn't have any inspiration, which of course made it so much harder to find the time to sit there just to scratch my head.

But I have been knitting like a fiend. Or, it feels like it, anyway. I have started another baby cardigan (the 3rd out of a planned 4) with some Sirdar 4ply Country Style that I scored in a megasale at PurpleLindaCrafts for a mere £1 a ball ... add that to a pretty little vintage pattern that I found a while back, Robin 1139 for some yarn called Bri-Nylon (no, not sure what that is) and Wah-Lah, you have this:

See the decorative raglan edge ? So pretty ....

And the kids are out again, one at a sports camp, the other at her Bestie's (it's half-term) so I am going to use the opportunity to do a quick catch-up on the housework - even I am having trouble tolerating the carpet vs. fur ratio. However, you may go indulge in other people's lovely WIPs by popping over to Life & Yarn ...


  1. So pretty and the little raglan edge is lovely. I feel so ashamed - I have a stash of yarn, but don't actually knit. I blame you, of course :-D

  2. Such a sweet sweater! I love the caramel color. Umm, I gotta go, er, I mean there's something important waiting in the kitchen. (it may or may not be a Lindt choco caramel bar)


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