Friday, 19 June 2015

FO Friday 25/15: The End of Stripes

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In amongst the electrical appliance disasters, Cub events, cricket matches, committee meetings, the approach of the 10th Anniversary TABI Conference and domestic drudgery goddessery I completed a great little baby jacket, but forgot to share it with you.

I found the pattern when I was browsing through my knitting magazines (I don't buy them often, but over time they do still amass) in Woman's Weekly Knitting & Crochet Special Jan.2011; it actually is a Sublime pattern called 'Little Bertie' - and it was the colors that caught my eye:

Yes, it does say the yarn should be Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK. I know, there are no limits to the crazy, right ? It says it is machine washable, but we need things that a new mum does not have to think twice about, let alone the cost: even the smallest size will be approx.£16/$25. Our Snowflake will be just as Special in spite of wearing ordinary yarn. So here is my version, using remnants from my yarn basket:

Of course, I like mine more. The shawl collar variation was in the magazine. I loved this pattern: loved the design, the colors, the stripes, and it was an error-free quick knit.

But I won't be making it again, because - all. the. endz. You can't really carry the colors up the side because 4 colors make for a sizeable lump in the seams, and it was a real pain to have to weave in all those millions of ends ...

Pop 'FO Friday' into Google and see what happens ...


  1. No mum wants anything for her Smallum that cannot be tossed in for a quick wash cycle - so well done you! Love the colours and love the shawl collar!

  2. Anymore if I do cardigans with bunches of ends I steek the front and armholes!! But I generally avoid them. Problem solved.


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