Wednesday, 17 June 2015

SAL Wednesday 24/15: It Never Rains ...

Old English Tarot

... but it pours. Let me share with you the list of things that have broken in the last week:

1. Mini Diva's laptop charger. For some who-knows-what reason, they required us to also drop off her laptop for the technicians to look at.

2. Mini Diva's behavior. She hits new pubertal lows. As a result Destructo Boy wants to move out. I do too, but I don't say so out loud.

3. The fridge section of the fridge-freezer that came with the house. I phone the landlady who tells me it's nothing to do with her. I book a repair man for it.

4. The shower. Water comes out fine, but at Arctic temperatures. Landlady agrees to send a repair man. Repair man replaces it.

5. Washing machine packs up. We fix this ourselves - a blocked filter and drain hose. Next time we get a short-haired dog that doesn't moult.

6. Freezer section of fridge-freezer packs up. Oh well, at least we've already got a call in for the repair man. Repair man comes and writes off fridge-freezer, a manufacturing fault, reckons it is about 4 to 7 years old. I use Titch's credit card to buy a new fridge-freezer for next day delivery. Thank you, Titch and thank you

We have not yet decided what to do about the old fridge-freezer that the landlady wanted nothing to do with although it's hers. It's on the inventory. As a Zanussi when it is a Hotpoint. If you have advice about this, please share in the comments section.

After all this plus normal chores, I decide to reward myself for my ace survival skillz by finally getting out the sewing machine Titch bought me last year as an early Xmas present when it was on sale in May. I plug it in, I RTFM, I switch it on, I do some straight stitching. I turn the stitch selector dial - and it comes off in my hand, there's a crack in the part that grips the spindle.

I could have wept. And maybe I hid my face in the airing cupboard and did.

So this is what I did after lunch yesterday:

That is the pattern page for Sweet Dreams from The Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans, a 5.5mm hook, a new ball of King Cole Comfort Baby DK in pale yellow, a COLD gin and tonic, and a handsome gorgeous Sebastian. Note the weather - there's a reason I live here, the driest sunniest part of the British Isles.

If you have made it this far, you too have ace survival skillz, and I salute you. Pop off to Life & Yarn for people with unbroken things ...


  1. I suggest that you get it in writing, from your landlady that either the inventory was wrong and no fridge was included or that the inventory was simply recorded wrongly. If the latter, she should either repay you the money for the new fridge freezer - or adjust the next rental payment accordingly :) But it must be sorted out IN WRITING so that when you leave, you have proof :)

  2. Awww, what a shitty week. Hugs xxx :(

  3. Oh no, what a crappy week. Poor you. I agree with the commenter about that you should inform the landlady in writing about the wrongly inventoried fridge. Also, inform her in writing that you have had to purchase a fridge/freezer from your own funds. You don't want to be charged for a 'missing' fridge/freezer when you leave the property. Is there a managing agent involved, or do you deal directly with the landlady? Hope things improve. M x

  4. Mini Diva and Destructo Boy LOL That sounds like you are playing a part in a scary movie.!

  5. I applaud your decision to crochet a bit with an adult beverage. That's the best possible way to handle such craziness.

  6. Just sent a very wordy email with what I can only hope will be helpful advice, since it is based on San Francisco, CA, USA law. Meanwhile I am admonishing the MultiVerse for mistreating one of its kindest and brightest souls.


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