Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tarot Blog Hop Litha 2015: Star Light Star Bright

Our gracious hostess this time is Alison Cross, currently co-Chair of TABI; you are probably more familiar with her in her Good Twin incarnation rather than the version that came up with this creative topic for the 2015 Litha Blog Hop ...

You will find a list of the Major Arcana cards below, please pop your name next to the card that you want to write about.... and write about your chosen card! That's all there is to it! But, before you jump in and pick your favourite card... you might want to set yourself a bit of a challenge.
You could pick a card because:
  • You love it
  • You loathe it
  • You think that it's a tricky blighter!
  • You can write a poem about it
  • Your favourite artwork in the whole Tarot world is about one of these cards.
  • You've painted your own version – share it!
  • You can show us a video of your own tap-dancing routine inspired by the card :)
  • You have designed a spread based on this card's energies
  • You want to share your own way to interpret this card etc etc
 Made your decision? Select your card! 

Well, of course I have chosen XVII The Star; astrologically associated with Aquarius, my sun sign, I have always had a soft spot for it. I love its meanings, I love its symbolism, I love the
range and variety of depictions:

Phantomwise Tarot

Hudes Tarot

Such a strong sense of serenity and peace; plenty of life-giving water, a woman alone but not lonely, a comforting blanket of darkness ...

Hanson-Roberts Tarot
Victorian Romantic Tarot

Quiet optimism, hope, renewal, healing - what's not to like about this card ? Titch once told me one of the qualities that I have that he admires the most is my resilience, a word I think encapsulates those meanings.

Of course, you'll recognize my most favoritest Star:

Starlight Arcana

I am involved in organizing the 10th Anniversary TABI Conference, approaching soon, so  browsing the many versions of XVII The Star has calmed me, and I am refueled with peace and quiet - now I can direct you forward to XVII The Moon, or back to XVI The Tower ...

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  1. Resilience - yes, good word. The Star is my birth card, so I resonate with this too...and I love the Starlight's Star (thanks for showing me a new deck!).

  2. The Star is one of my favorite cards too. I love how she is strong enough to be vulnerable and whenever I pull The Star I get the feeling everything is possible again.
    I didn't know the Starlight Tarot either :)

  3. The Bleu Cat Star! That's awesome. We're having Beth Seilonen at the tarot convention this week. So cool that you picked her Star as your favorite!

  4. As you know, the Star is my favourite card too :D

  5. I love the Star too, I adore it's message of hope. BB

  6. The Star always makes people happy, very nice collection of cards! <3

  7. The resilience word is resonating... I like that a lot!

  8. I love seeing several different Star cards!! I'm finding a strong cone ton to the word resilience too. <3

  9. Lovely! The Hudes Tarot is not one I am very familiar with - I really like that card!

  10. The Bleu Cat is such a lovely rendition. :D

  11. The Star card just radiates peace... I often use it to for relaxation or for when I need to take a breath. Not seen The Bleu Cat Tarot before so thanks for that. Another deck to add my ever increasing wishlist! :-)

  12. Some lovely Star cards there! I love the message of hope, and also see something about it being okay to be vulnerable - I guess that hooks in with what you said about a comforting blanket of darkness... :)


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