Saturday, 10 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap 2012: Day 3

The whimsical feel of this 2 of Wands from the unique Phantomwise Tarot reflects the contemplation and consideration that is due to the gift that was labelled 'Day 3' in my package from swap partner Denise.

I am sure that even the non-yarny amongst you will recognize what is in this package by its shape; and when I further inform you that it was most delightfully squishy ? What else could it be, but yarn.

The carefully written card tells me Denise thinks I'll love the color and slightly rustic quality. She was right. 

It is 4oz/350 yards of Farmhouse Silk Blend DK in 'Tangerine', which is 34% silk, 33% cotton, and 33% American lambswool: an unusual combination. It has a very textured feel, and seems thicker than most DKs - and on checking the needle size recommended on the label (US size 4-5) which is 3.5 - 3.75mm, I was quite surprised how small the needles were for the apparent yarn weight. The label gauge is 5-6 stitches per inch, which equates roughly to fingering/4 ply  and/or sport weight. Depending on the stitch pattern, I would have thought that this would give quite a dense, stiff fabric with this yarn. But anyway - no need to drag you down further into my musings on weight and gauge, as the real issue is:

What kind of pattern might suit this yarn ? You already have the technical information, and you can see the color. Recommendations, please ...

Denise has so far achieved a hat trick: check back tomorrow to see if her run of good luck accurate stalking continues ....


  1. ooooh that looks lovely, Viv. She's put lots of thought into these little gifties for you!

    Ali x

  2. I'm so glad you liked it, because it was darn difficult for me to part with that skein of loveliness. :)

    I'd definitely swatch with this, because I do agree with you on the gauge/yarn weight issue. However, the devil will be in the swatch blocking, because I expect that yarn will block on the large side because of the silk and cotton content. So what might seem like dense fabric will actually have a fair amount of drape after blocking.

  3. Squishy = enough said :)


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