Monday 19 March 2012

Ostara: Paint a Journey with New Life

Whimsical Tarot

So, egged on this time by Good Twin, and then Evil Twin, I signed up for the Tarot Blog Hop without really thinking about it, or what might be involved. You'd be amazed (or maybe you wouldn't, actually) if you realized how often I do that kind of thing. But anyway. Turns out it's themed, and I must post a link to both the randomly assigned blog in front of, and behind me. If you see what I mean. And we must all post at a certain time, which I will need to go check as I'm not too good on Eastern Central Pacific Mountain time and what its equivalent might be here in sleepy Suffolk where time passes at a much slower rate. No, I'm not a physicist, why do you ask ?

Anyhoo. The topic given is as in the title: ''Ostara: Paint a Journey with New Life''. No hassles, I thought. No doubt something will pop into the old brainbox by the due date and I will scribe an inordinate amount of words both witty and enlightening that will encapsulate THE meaning of Ostara forever. Or until the internet breaks.

Here's the thing. I discussed it with the Twins, who, I am sorry to say, were obviously keeping their bestest ideas for themselves, as they offered me such lame and hackneyed solutions as writing about the garden and plants springing back to life from winter dormancy. Bit of a cheat, though, if I look at the state of my garden currently. Inspired by them - which just goes to show you what bad influences they are - I came up with the idea of talking about motherhood. But again: way too obvious, plus, I am crap at it.

DH came up with some ideas that could have been cool, which of course I dismissed out of hand because he thought of them, and I didn't and also that made them not cool.

And then I thought I could tie it in with a rant about New Age people and how right now so many of them seem to be thinking and wittering way too much about nothing at all important or even very interesting (and you can forget educational, for sure) rather than DOING whatever it is that is their pet discipline. But that rant has not reached its full gestational period just yet, I am not irritated enough to craft the withering mots justes that will be required. Plus I am actually quite cheery at the moment, and to be convincing when one rants, one must feel it, one must have suffered somehow, a bit like method acting.

After all of this, I was almost so tired out by thinking that I thought I would really have to use one of those lame old ideas. But no. Salvation appeared in the nick of time in the form of Youtube.

I re-discovered a film clip, that for me, paints a journey with - and to - new life: it illustrates the vicious cycle of hopelessness and emotional suffering of XV The Devil, and then new life and calm of XVII The Star that follows the incredibly painful yet transformational XVI Tower life experiences:

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  1. Lame suggestions?! They wuz good suggestions!!! Good call on the vido though, Evil twin!

    Ali x

  2. ooh, I love that - walked up the aisle to it (Ave Maria, not Night on a Bare/Bald Mountian, obviously, though that might have been fun too. We did sign the register to this: :D

  3. I adore the video idea for this Tarot Hop! Love your writing style -- clever and charming.

  4. Nice way to combine 3 cards that don't "go together" and LOOOOVE the video!

  5. You've inspired me to re-watch Fantasia and then Fantasia 2000 as well.Love those films. :D

  6. I had fun reading. I am also looking forward to that rant :)

  7. Very engaging read, but then again it always is! Jumping in without all the information may be a bit silly but isn't it fun in end?

  8. I'm looking forward to that rant on the New Age, Ribbit. Great post.


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