Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday 85: Blue Skies

Old English Tarot

So today is the quickest of quick WIP Wednesday posts, as the sun is out, it's very mild, and I simply must go and cut down the dead perennials that I had left over winter both for practical reasons (seeds for the birds, protection for the new shoots) and aesthetic reasons (the structural plant skeletons look lovely when frost-rimed). You know, I can almost believe that myself if I try hard enough ...

As you know, I'm taking part in a KAL: Lily's Slice of Pi, designed by Chrissy. Here is what mine looks like after completing Chart B. There are supposed to be 259 stitches on the needle, but quite frankly, I'm taking Chrissy's word on that as it's way too skinny yarn and way too bendy needles for me to count: I need to use circulars because it's going to get even bigger, but I don't really like them - I can't rest them on anything like I do my straights, and they slip, and it makes me a lot slower.

Interesting arty-looking shadows provided by Genuwine Equinox Sunlight ....

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  1. I wouldn't be counting the stitches either ;) Lovely colour that you're using, it'll be such a delicate and beautiful shawl :)

  2. That's looking beautiful, Viv!

    Ali x

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous! I love the color.

  4. That yarn is such a pretty shade of blue, I'm sure the skies can't match it. I hope your comment on my blog means you'll be entering a design?

    1. No, I do not have those mad design skillz yet :-(

  5. The shawl is beautiful! I really love the color! It's very spring-like!

  6. I understand your need for yard cleanup--you can let it slide in the winter, but then all the dead stuff just starts to look ugly. The pi is looking delicious though...(HA PUNS).


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