Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap 2012: Day 4

I apologize to Denise for the lateness of today's post - it was warm and sunny today, so once the household chores were done, we were outside ...

I knew from Denise's introductory card that I was to check my Ravelry inbox on Day 4, and this also was the message in the lovely handmade card I opened today:  so upon hotfooting it over to Ravelry, to my great delight, I found that she had gifted me the pattern for the Late Hours Shawl by Kristina Vilimaite (AnimaKnits on Ravelry), which has been at the top of my queue since 31st July, 2011.

I can't remember if there was a specific reason for me to queue it other than its prettiness: but you will agree, I'm sure, that it is totally worthy of its place. The original took 366m/400 yards of DK weight yarn to make a shawlette size, so I could possibly use the Farmhouse Silk DK from Day 3 - allowing (as Denise reminded me in her comment on yesterday's blogpost, thank goodness) for the blocking and drape of silk/cotton/ blends. But then her message suggests that I may like to use something from my stash instead ... aaaah ... too many choices! 

Yet another lovely gift, and one that I will most definitely use: thanks, Denise !


  1. Ooh, lovely pattern. Lucky you :D

  2. Cute pattern! It kinda looks like cables ;D

  3. That is a lovely pattern, and in your talented hands will be wonderful no matter what yarn you choose.


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