Monday, 12 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap: Day 5

Kids are at school, washing machine is on, and everything else can wait while I open the package labelled 'Day 5'. Looks interesting, doesn't it ?

Light, box-shaped, has something in it that moves when shaken ... what could it be ? Why wait to find out - a millisecond later all the lovely packaging is shredded, and reveals that Denise's sense of humor is far dryer and a lot more subtle than it has any right to be, for an American:

I put 'tea' into the search box on my blog, and got 6 pages full of posts where tea is mentioned. I guess I drink quite a lot of tea. But I have never drunk Newman's Own Royal Tea, Organic Green Tea blend, from California.

Green tea sent to England, famous as a nation of black tea-drinkers, from the country that revolted against England over a tax on black ie. Indian (not green ie.Chinese) tea. And on the back of the box the instructions for making it not only include microwave instructions (a blasphemy for all true tea drinkers) but say that milk may be added ... oh my. 

Biting wit as dry as Bob Newhart: Denise haz it - in spades. I luff Denise, I luff this gift, and I'll try the tea ...


  1. And I must admit to taking cream in my tea, but definitely no microwave use. :)


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