Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap 2012: Day 7

I am sad that it's almost the end of the swap: having a carefully thought out surprise to open every day has been very uplifting and cheering; I am extra lucky, though, as Denise has already told me to check my Ravelry inbox on Day 8, tomorrow, when there only had to be 7 gifts ...

But I have got in advance of myself there; today, having trekked up the hill to Mini Diva's school twice already since she forgot her swimming kit, and she and I are both WAY too OCD to even begin to contemplate 'borrowing' the school's own ooky spare stuff that has been worn by who knows who with whatever bugs and might not see a washing machine except for termly and is just left draping around in damp corners ... SHUDDER ... that's just  ... nasty .. However, as I was saying, it was lovely to get back and have a package to open.

So anyway - you didn't expect a horror movie synopsis this early, did you ? so that must have been an enjoyable detour - back to the good stuff, Day 7:

Hmm. Let's check the card for any clues:

 I am none the wiser. Nothing for it but to shred the tissue paper:

Oooh ! Some beautiful handmade floral cards, with envelopes. As it goes, I shall have the perfect use for these - do you remember me telling you about this year's knitting goals ? One of the shawls has already been made and sent to my Great-Aunt Vera. My Auntie Hazel's is off the needles, washed, blocked and awaiting photographing and then mailing: and now I have just the right medium on which to write the accompanying note, as well as for the other two shawls for special ladies which remain to be knitted this year ...

Thank you, Denise.

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