Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap: Day 6

Victorian Romantic

Once again I managed to control myself until at least one child was in school, and the lovely men from Anglian Water had arrived to replace whatever it was that broke last week. Here is the package labelled 'Day 6':

And the part we really want to see:

A 1oz and 1 1/2oz liquor measure. I used the English equivalent, both optics and measures, throughout my previous career, starting with 1/6 and 1/3 gill and moving to 25ml and 35ml when everything went metric.Except the Great British Pint. Which is thankfully, still a pint - the politicos don't want a revolution.

And to go with it ?

A recipe book ! But not for boring food - it's for cocktails ! That's what we call a win ...

I think the Cranberry Cobbler is definitely a Must Try - doesn't it look inviting ? Well, 11:35am is almost lunchtime, isn't it ? Close enough to count ? Please ?

And the back page:

And the card that accompanied today's gift explains everything:

Well, I'm definitely getting a much clearer idea of which of my blog topics tend to stick in Denise's mind !


  1. oh FAntastic!!!! I suspect that you usually just 'freehand' your measures *cough* like m'self!

    Ali x

    1. Why, yes, actually. After over 20 years, you get an eye for this kind of thing and become just as accurate ...*cough* uh-huh, yes'm.

  2. Those measures are so convenient! You can open the bottle, pour out a 1.5 oz measure, set that aside in case of snakebite, then proceed to drain the bottle. What if you make it to the end of the bottle without a snakebite, you ask? Well, now really! What the heck kind of person makes it to the end of the bottle without SOME kind of snake bite, for goodness sakes?

  3. LOL so many people are on my wavelength ...tho' I'd set aside 1 measure for ticks instead of snakebite: only one poison snake in this country & it's very rare :-D

  4. I think every mother should have one, good cocktail recipe up her sleeve. Glad you found one you liked in there. The Italian ones sounded intriguing ... as well as that hot toddy. :)

    And you did have a rather dour run of things a few weeks back ...


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