Thursday 4 March 2010

Little Things

Today a package arrived. Nothing unusual in that, as it's DD's birthday on Saturday. I opened the package to find some gifts to me from my baby sister - fabulous ! So indescribably more interesting and rewarding than the new washing machine door hinge that arrived yesterday. There's nothing like a little unexpected something to lighten one's heart and lifeload.

So here they are, a sad indictment of my life and how well she knows me - except for the chocolate; I'm not a great chocolate lover - I know, shoot me now, letting the Sisterhood down, quietly surviving without all those cocoa-derived endorphins. The yarn she sent is actually for DD, and my baby sister knows exactly what to get for a Gok-loving girl; DD loves to go shopping with my sister, Auntie Fashion - they both adore bright pink, bling, and bargain-hunting. DD doesn't know yet that Auntie Fashion is coming over for her birthday ... yet another treat in store for the spoiled mini-Diva, to go with the MP3 player and the roller-skating party.

And here is what I found in the garden today:

And because I had time to waste ... I mean, spare, because I'm avoiding sewing the cot quilt binding, the cot quilt that Destructo Boy has just spilled juice over, pics of some Good Yarn that is in my stash; the JojoLand Melody is earmarked for a scarf for my oldest best friend - the pattern will be one of Branching Out, Strangling Vine, or Falling Leaf; the Black Cat hand-dyed superwash I had in mind for my MIL, to make a shawl, but I'm thinking this over as perhaps it is a little impractical for her - it's not like she ever sits still enough to wear one ...

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