Thursday 11 March 2010

Mish Mash

Mini-Diva's birthday party went off brilliantly, especially when we had quoshed her idea of wanting to be the only child there to have rollerskates, and the only child who would be rollerskating; we explained that the point of a party was to share fun with your friends rather than creating a captive audience for one's own nascent skills. By the end, the improvement in everybody's skating abilities was most impressive - as was the ensuing crop of bumps, bruises and aches the next day. We filled them up with sugar and additives, and then sent them home with their unususpecting parents.

Auntie Fashion took Mini-Diva and MD's Best Friend shopping on Saturday, but by Sunday she had fallen victim to the same severe stomach bug we had had a few weeks ago. My sister has Behcet's Disease, which means that any 'ordinary' illness can turn into an emergency in as little as a few hours. Fortunately, not this time; after 3 days, she is back on her feet and almost her usual self. She is with me for the week, and DH will drive her home over the weekend.

Mini-Diva's Best Friend's birthday is this weekend; she asked me for a hand-knitted cardigan, in yellow or gold. I used Stylecraft Wondersoft DK Sparkle in the color 'sunbeam', which has a metallic strand running through it; I picked a lacy pattern, which I regretted when I got to the decreases for the raglan sleeves. I finished it last night, it is in the washing machine now, so will be wrapped and ready in plenty of time.

Destructo Boy is home from school today as, not content with breaking various household items on a regular basis, he turned his attention to himself last night and dropped his Ben10 walky-talky on his foot and cut his toe. Destructo Boy is surprisingly (considering) not good with blood, particularly his own, so we had a very disturbed night with lots of wailing because he was worried that his plaster would come off, followed by his toe. The
Pobble's experience notwithstanding, Destructo Boy wants to keep his feet intact.

And on top of all this, I have a cold that has turned into a lovely chesty cough. But it is back to the cot quilt I go; I got quite a lot of the border binding done the other night while watching Stardust, a good film with a great cast. It went on hold when I realized I had to finish the birthday cardigan this week. I have nothing else really on my needles at the moment, and shall try to be disciplined enough not to start anything else until this quilt is finished - which WILL be this weekend, and in the post by Monday ....


  1. For squeamish boys - get a red face cloth for the mopping up of blood. Disguises the scarlet splashes beautifully.

    Hugely impressed by your knitting skills, given that cats don't have opposoble thumbs :-)

  2. LOL but one doesn't need needles when one has claws ;-)


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