Friday 26 March 2010

Mixed Bag

For non-tarot people, it's upside-down on purpose. Often referred to as Rx, being reversed can affect the card's meaning in several ways. For me, this week it meant my carefully laid plans which allowed me to cope with the differing social diary needs of the children, fell apart. I managed anyway, but it has been quite inconvenient and hassleful.

Today we had a letter. Asking what did I need to know about the situation, I drew XIII Death; at the base of the deck representing the root was VII The Chariot.

Great. This just adds to the 2 of Pentacles Rx feeling - I do not like change, especially when unexpected and at short notice. Death shows me that change is inevitable. Well - duh - I knew that from the letter, which informed us of a change. I wanted to know what this change means for us. The Chariot ... somebody is pushing hard for something. It isn't us. What I am worried about is having to move house. Pulling a clarifier, V The Hierophant, suggests to me that the change will not actually affect us in a challenging way, everything will fall back into its usual place and structure. Or, put simply, 'Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose'. I hope. If you have anything to add to this, please do.

I know I am totally minimizing the fact that they are all Majors. When reading for oneself, one's head can get quite comfortable in the sand.

So I find it calming to focus on the normal, the everyday - the Minor - things. I completed a vintage pattern baby matinee jacket and hat for Mini-Diva's class teacher; in 4 ply soft acrylic (washable and practical for any items destined for a baby) I enoyed knitting this as the construction was a method I hadn't come across before: all the pieces are knitted separately, and joined by knitting them together at the yoke. This allowed me to easily change yarn color for a two-tone effect. In fact, I like knitting baby things full stop. They are a quick way to try out new techniques and new pattern stitches. They are also a quick way to be satisfied with a job done - a must for impatient people like myself. All I have left to do is sew the ribbons to the bonnet ...

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  1. I hope the cards were right and you don't have to move house. I hate moving with a passion nowadays.


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