Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunny Day

The last two days have been fabulously sunny, blue skies and ... and ... everything ! We haven't seen this amount of sunshine in quite a depressingly grey, cold while. Today I even had washing line-drying for the first time since about Autumn. My spirits are lifted, my optimism and energy levels are topped up.

It's lucky I have such a good neighbor, since Destructo Boy has been such an effective superhero recently - he snapped the door off the washing machine this weekend (by standing on it to reach the countertop); so it's only because of Su's kindness and generosity that I've been able to do any washing at all. It would have been just plain wrong to miss the opportunity of washing in this weather.

Destructo Boy has also managed to shear off from the wall the electric double plug socket in his sister's room. How he achieved this, I am still unclear. They have both been warned not to touch - in stentorian tones for emphasis - until Daddy gets home at the weekend and can replace it.

The backing for the cot quilt arrived, DH has cut the straight lines necessary. I got everything together to bind it, to find the thread I'd chosen wasn't going to work, colorwise. Having remedied this, I started to hand sew the binding last night while watching Glee, and then Trauma.

Kind of put me and my cup of Horlicks to shame.

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