Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

We had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend - DH was home for all of it, and cooked for all of it, which is why it took me well over an hour to clean our matchbox of a kitchen this morning; but it was absolutely worth it: I am replete with proper, tasty nourishment.

Nanny came to visit, which it was lovely to see her, and the kids were thrilled. BIL and his wife also visited - the new baby is gorgeous, and because I have yet another cold, I couldn't smell his poopy bum - although apparently it was quite pervasively pungent. Auntie Fashion and her family are also over for a few days. So it's been a good Family Time all round.

My soap swap box got to its destination in Holland in just over a week - by Airmail. I could have swum and got it there quicker. But at least it didn't spend 6 weeks in a foreign postal system only to be returned to me, as happened last time when the swap hostess was in France

I started knitting a sweater for myself, which was designed for Wendy Monaco yarn- not made anymore, and I couldn't find its yardage anywhere; however, it turns out the yardage of Patons Flower Garden is only 60m per 50g. It took me nearly 4 balls to do the back, in 34'' size. I had bought a pack of 10 x 50g. I do not have enough to anything like complete the pattern, so my choices are to find some more of the yarn and buy, say, another 10 balls or so (expensive when I had not allowed for this at all and have no budget for anything, let alone yarn); frog it and knit something for Mini-Diva; rip it back to the start of the raglan decreases, and alter the pattern to a tank top or shell. I like the last option best, but this will mess with a whole bunch of aspects of the pattern - the number of stitches for the back of the neck being the main one. So it is sitting in the Naughty Corner while I contemplate my lack of ability to gamble and win ...

So using Jojoland Melody Superwash I cast on for a scarf for my oldest best friend. I did this several times, actually. Doubling the width of Branching Out, I tried it with 3.25mm, 4.0mm, 5.00mm, 6.00mm and finally 8mm needles. I didn't like the look of it at any time; even allowing for the fact that it would need to be blocked within an inch of its life, it just did not look anything special at all. Not Good Enough.

Fortunately I have one of Barbara Walker's Treasuries out from the library; first, I tried the Drooping Elm Leaf, but again it wasn't looking right. I am currently trying Vine Lace, on 3.25mm needles, and it is looking a little bit hopeful.

Today the sun is out, my kitchen and bathroom are spotlessly clean, my second load of washing today is almost on the final spin, the kids are behaving, and I managed to make a halfway decent cup of tea. It's easy to take pleasure in the simple things.

Congratulations or commiserations to Sabine, who is the (un)lucky winner of my April Fool's Giveaway .....

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